All Augmented Lunar Shrine Effects in Diablo 4 Lunar Awakening

Maybe skip the fear shrine

Shrines in Lunar Awakening Diablo 4
Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

The Lunar Awakening event is all about using augmented shrines for event bonuses in Diablo 4, and each one has a new effect that adds to the chaos on screen. This guide will cover all the effects of each shrine and exactly what they do.

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What are the Lunar Shrine Effects in Diablo 4 Lunar Awakening?

Lunar Shrines in Diablo 4
Image via Blizzard Entertainment.

There are seven Lunar Shrine effects in total during the Lunar Awakening event that you can find around Sanctuary. It’s the same number for the base game in Diablo 4, but the event brings an Augment to each one. For example, the Lethal Shrine gives you a chance to instantly execute a monster and cause fear in the area. The full list can be found below.

All Diablo 4 Lunar Shrine Effects Listed:

  • Artillery Shrine: Casts have a chance to summon a holy bomb.
  • Blast Wave Shrine: Each explosion summons a cluster bombardment.
  • Channeling Shrine: Increased attack speed and chance to reset cooldowns.
  • Conduit Shrine: Summon frequent, powerful, shocking strikes.
  • Greed Shrine: Chance to summon a Treasure Goblin. While the Shrine is active, 25 kills summons a Treasure Goblin, and 50 kills summons a second.
  • Lethal Shrine: Chance to instantly execute a struck monster, causing Fear on surrounding monsters. Note: this includes Elites, but excludes Bosses and other Players.
  • Protection Shrine: You reflect all incoming damage. Damage reflected scales with Level and World Tier.

You can only take advantage of these bonuses while the Lunar Awakening event is active, and the shrines you find need to have a dragon. If you find any standard shrines around Sanctuary, they will still have the base effect, but there is no augment and no way to earn the Ancestral Favor you need. So keep an eye out for dragon heads make use of the Ancestor’s Favor sigils to find more.

After you’ve had your fill of favor, get back to grinding out those Igneous Cores for Malphas.

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