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All Archaean Types in Rainbow Six Extraction

Know thy alien foes!

by Nikola "Nick" Jovanovic
All Archaean types in Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction is a tactical co-op PvE shooter that solves a never-before-asked question: what would happen if Rainbow Six operators had to deal with an extraterrestrial invasion? But now we’re here and it’s time to get to know those Archaean foes better, for they come in different shapes and sizes, eager to take down your operators. Here are all Archaen types in Rainbow Six Extraction.

All Archaean Types in Rainbow Six Extraction

Knowing your enemy is half the battle so be sure to learn all of the very different Archaean types in Rainbow Six Extraction to give your team a fighting chance:

  • Grunts – Those are the most common aliens you will encounter and dispose of the old-fashioned way.
  • Rooters – These immobilize your operators so be sure to attack them from behind to avoid the paralysis debuff.
  • Breachers – Take them down quickly because they will make a loud sound and alert other Archaeans.
  • Spikers – A nasty enemy that fires spikes that can pierce armor.
  • Sowers – Don’t let them catch you off guard with the traps they lay around.
  • Tormentors – As their name implies, they will torment you alright with their ability to quickly pop up anywhere on the map and hit you with projectiles from a distance.
  • Lurkers – They can make other enemies become invisible to you and your team so get close and dispose of them quickly.
  • Bloaters – These annoying enemies come at you in packs and deal toxic damage when they explode – be sure to get rid of them from a safe distance.
  • Apex – The highest rank Archaean that controls all other alien species; if you come across them, they should be your first priority to take down.
  • Proteans (Smoke, Alibi, Sledge) – Just like in a good trash sci-fi movie, this type of alien can shapeshift into one of your operators, making them one of the most challenging opponents in the game.

Now you have a basic knowledge of all Archaean types in Rainbow Six Extraction that you and your team will encounter during the missions. They are not your usual terrorist but will terrorize you all the same so knowing their weak points and correct strategies for dispatching them swiftly will give you a higher chance of completing every mission without having to extract any captured operatives.

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