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All Rainbow Six Extraction Threat Levels Explained

by Nikola L

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction (formerly known as Rainbow Six Quarantine) is a co-op multiplayer Tactical First Person Shooter. It supports up to three players and the goal is to complete a variety of objectives in a location that has been infested by aliens. You can currently play 19 operators that all originated from Siege. Throughout the game, you will encounter different Threat Levels, which gradually increase the difficulty. But what are the Rainbow Six Extraction Threat Levels and what do they mean?

What are the Rainbow Six Extraction Threat Levels?

There are currently four different Threat Levels. You can make a choice about which one you want to start with when you begin a mission:

  1. Moderate
    Being the lowest of the difficulties, Moderate is intended for newcomers. Arguably, even experienced Siege players should play this mode, at least in the beginning, just to get a hang of the mechanics and level up the operators (this will matter in the harder difficulties). There will be fewer enemies and to some, this may seem like hunting fish in the barrel since there are also no mutations at this level.
  2. Cautious
    The second level of difficulty brings something akin to Medium difficulty. Mutations start at 50%, there will be more enemies (Archaeans) spawned gradually during the mission, and the reward for this is a 50% experience bonus for completing objectives.
  3. Severe
    The third level of difficulty can be interpreted as Hard difficulty. You will encounter a lot more challenges when completing objectives; Archaeans will be harder to defeat, Stealth runs will be significantly more difficult, and each objective area has 75% to have a mutation around it. The reward for this is “just” a 100% experience bonus.
  4. Critical
    This is currently the most difficult Threat level, which we’ll dub the Nightmare difficulty. If your operators are not well-prepared and you do not have two friends to watch your back, you’re gonna have a bad time. The mutation threat is at 100% and the enemies are (of course) strongest at this level, in terms of their power as well as their spawn rate. This comes with a 200% experience bonus reward.

We wish you the best of luck in conquering all these threat levels and leveling up all the operators. Stay tuned for more guides and news for Rainbow Six Extraction here at Prima Games.

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