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Top 5 Best Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

by Nikola L

Similar to Rainbow Six Siege, Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction have their own unique set of abilities and weapons. Naturally, some are better or worse for certain situations, and in this article, we’ll cover some of the best operators in Rainbow Six Extraction right now.

Rainbow Six Extraction: Best Operators

#5: IQ

IQ has the unique ability to locate and tag supplies across the map. This is invaluable because of the scarcity of resources throughout the game. Later down the line, when you level IQ up, she can scan some of the objectives and enemies.

#4: Finka

One of two healers, Finka, takes the number four spot. Her adrenaline boost temporarily raises the HP of all teammates, and also revives teammates that are currently knocked out. The best part? She does it remotely.

#3: Lion

Lion is the best reconnaissance operator in Rainbow Six Extraction since when he activates his EE-One-D drone, you can all see all enemies through the walls, similar to what he was doing in Rainbow Six Siege. Knowing enemy movement is always of high value.

#2: Vigil

The number two spot goes to the stealth-based operator, Vigil. He can basically become invisible with his special ability, allowing you to maneuver through corridors and rooms with ease, and is probably the most viable operator when you’re playing solo missions.

#1: Doc

Similar to Rainbow Six Siege, Doc is one of the most useful team players out there. He has a special pistol that shoots darts that heal either his teammates or himself. Also, it’s possible to remotely revive someone who is downed if your aim is steady. He can even revive himself! Due to the nature of Rainbow Six Extraction gameplay, you definitely will need a healer.

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