All Answers to Permingeat’s Questions in Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact Permingeat Questions Featured

In Genshin Impact, if you visit The Rusty Rudder “restaurant” in Fontaine, you’ll find the waitress… I mean Second Mate Permingeat at the top of the ship. She questions the Traveler about certain details on the restaurant, and they’ll be rewarded if they manage to answer her correctly.

All Permingeat Answers in Genshin Impact

Permingeat can be found at the top of The Rusty Rudder, next to the Foggy Forest Path. She talks to you about some hidden treasure you can access if you operate the cannon next to her, but you can only do so if you manage to answer her three questions about her crewmates correctly. You can take your time and discover these answers by yourself, or you can just read further below and get the answers quickly.

1 – How many tables are in The Rusty Rudder?

  • Three.

2 – How many employees do we have at The Rusty Rudder?

  • Three.

3 – What is not served in The Rusty Rudder?

  • Romaritime Flower.

If you count the counter behind Permingeat, there are three tables to be found around here. Aside from Permingeat herself, you can also find Pitot and Lasselin working on The Rusty Rudder. And neither of the three of them will offer you the chance to buy Romaritime Flowers at any point.

All Rewards for Answering Permingeat’s Questions

You can finally operate the cannon after answering her questions correctly. Shoot it to unlock a new hidden cave and get an Exquisite Chest for your effort. The cave also unlocks a new hidden Waypoint for you to grab, so that’s five more Primogems to your account!

The hidden cave also contains some previously inaccessible goods such as more Hydroculus and more puzzles around the area, so make sure to explore it in its entirety! It’s pretty short just like some other questlines in this version, so it won’t take much of your time.

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