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Alan Wake 2 North Star: Coffee Warehouse Section Walkthrough


Jesse Faden takes a trip to Coffee World looking for her brother in the first major expansion of Alan Wake 2, Night Springs. Near the end of this episode, Jesse has to go through the Coffee Warehouse, which can be a bit tricky because of enemies that instantly kill you. We’ll walk you through the Coffee Warehouse section and how you can successfully evade the COFFEE.

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Coffee Warehouse Section in Alan Wake 2 North Star

After you have been verified by the voice on the intercom by finding three pieces of information, you’ll have to surrender your weapon and enter the coffee warehouse. The first thing you’ll see is a coffee thermos mascot who isn’t friendly and can instantly kill you if spotted. You can’t outrun it, or go back into stealth. It’s instant death the moment he lays his caffeinated eyes on you.

  • First, make a left, and hide behind the sacks of coffee beans.
  • When he approaches the sacks area, slowly make your way back to the original position and take a right instead.
  • Here, in the back, you’ll see an office table in the back of the warehouse.
  • Approach the table, and grab the Office Warehouse Key.
  • Head on back to your starting position, and approach the Warehouse Office, which has a green light emanating from it.

Run towards the office, and insert the Office Warehouse Key to open it.

Once inside, you’ll be safe from the mascot and can take a breather, or a cup of coffee.

The actual warehouse section isn’t as difficult if you know what you’re doing. Getting to the warehouse is harder because of the math puzzle before it. Night Springs is a short and sweet expansion that brings back some familiar faces.

If the recent update and expansion have motivated you to play Alan Wake 2, make sure to check out our dedicated section for all the guides and container codes you’ll need.

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