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A New Tera Raid Comes to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Nothing like beating up a Pokemon with a silly hat to brighten up your day

by Daphne Fama

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s first Tera Raid has ended, with Charizard skulking back home (for now). But for trainers saddened that they either missed the action, or who simply enjoyed the challenge of a unique Raid, never fear.

From December 9 to December 11, a new Tera Raid is coming to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It will drop at 00:00 UTC (19:00 EST on December 8) and end at 23:59 UTC (18:59 EST), giving players a chance to try to build their teams before the event ends.

A New Tera Raid Comes to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

This Tera raid will feature version exclusive Pokemon, with Violet owners having a chance to take on (and catch) Salamence and Scarlet owners facing Tyranitar. Fortunately, for those players who are still working on optimizing their team for Tera Raiding, or are simply taking their time and enjoying everything Paldea has to offer, this Raid will be far more approachable for all players. Tyranitar and Salamance will be rated at 4-Star or 5-Star, which will put their respective levels between 60 to 80. If you’ve managed to complete the game, it’s likely you’ll be able to enter these Raids and come out of them with a brand new Pokemon.

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This is also a great opportunity to try Raiding with your friends or, depending on the strength of strangers, through the Poke Portal. But this event also bodes well for future Tera Raiding. There is speculation that event Tera Raids might become a bi-monthly, or even weekly, occurrence. And while Terastallising won’t be a part of the competitive scene, it’s a fun dynamic to bring into battles with strangers through the Poke Portal or with your friends.

Personally, I’m hoping we’ll see more Pokemon from other regions. While this won’t fill up our Pokedex, it’d be a chance to see some old favorites outside of the omnipresent Charizard.

Good luck at the raid, Trainers!

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