Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Find Hag’s Bane (BG3)

The bane of every child-eating hag's existence...

Hag Baldur's Gate 3
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You crush one hag beneath the heel of your enchanted boots and it just pops up again two acts later. And while dear Aunt Ethel is right, she’s practically immortal, there’s one way to get her to puke up the kid in her stomach – Hag’s Bane. Here’s how to get Hag’s Bane in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Find and Craft Hag’s Bane (BG3)

To get Hag’s Bane we don’t have to go far! Head to Old Garlow’s place, which is at the very bottom and center of the map. From the Lower City Central Wall waypoint, you just need to head downward.

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Old Garlow’s Place is distinct because it looks like it’s on its last legs. It’s boarded up and decrepit. You can get inside by breaking down the front door. Alternatively, you can go along its right side, where you’ll find a hole blocked by bookcases. Destroy or shove them out of your way to get inside.

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Inside you’ll find the Hag Survivor Group. All of whom are hag victims. To convince them you mean no harm, you’ll need to hit a 15 or better persuasion or intimidation roll.

If Mayrina lived in your playthrough, she’ll be the leader of this group. But she’s been hexed, and she needs help upstairs.

Head upstairs to find her in her new form. Surprise, she’s a sheep! Use Speak to Animals on her and she’ll tell you about the doll, which is what’s keeping her cursed. It’s in the house’s corner, near Mayrina. Walking to it is a mistake, as the floorboards are rotten. Instead, destroy the doll from a distance.

If you don’t kill the doll in one hit, it will appear someplace else on the same floor. For me, it was just to the left, on the other side of the room.

Once the doll is dismantled, one of the Hag Survivors will confront you. He’ll reveal that he’s a redcap and that he was the one keeping Mayrina cursed. Then he’ll attack you. And while he’s simple enough to bring down, he’ll summon a bunch of Armored Crabs to fight you, too.

When you’re done with the fight, speak to Mayrina. She’ll give you access to the safe, which has the recipe we need to end the hag once and for all.

But she’ll also give you the Staff of Interruption, a rare staff that offers Weapon Enchantment +2 and Counterspell.

The safe you’ll now have access to is on the first floor, behind the stairs.

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It contains two vital things: the Tear-Stained Journal, which will grant you the recipe Hag’s Bane, and the key ingredient, Ashes of Dried Fey Flower.

Now, here’s how to actually make the Hag’s Bane.

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Crafting Hag’s Bane

To craft Hag’s Bane, open your Alchemy menu. Double-click on any alchemy ingredient to be brought to the alchemy menu or select the alchemy menu in your inventory.

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From the side menu, select Grenades. Then, select Hag’s Bane. From here, press Craft Item and Hag’s Bane will be added to your inventory.

To use the Hag’s Bane, you’ll need to throw it at Auntie Ethel. Doing so will cause her to puke up the child. But don’t expect her to go down without a fight! And this time, she has the power of mushrooms on her side.

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