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When Will Apex Legends Allow Crossplay?

by Liana Ruppert

Currently, Fortnite is leading the charge when it comes to battle royale in full crossplay glory. The Epic Games online adventure even includes mobile players into that equation, which means the community spotlight on other hit battle royale titles even brighter. While many are getting ready to dive into the upcoming Apex Legends event dropping later this week, there’s one major question on many minds: When will Apex Legends allow crossplay? That’s the million-dollar question that Respawn is attempting to tackle. 

Apex Legends devs Chad Grenier, the game’s director, and general manager Dusty Welch recently opened up about the possibility of crossplay in a recent interview. In the most recent interview, Welch mentioned that the team over at Respawn knows that the ability to play between platforms is something that’s a big desire with games like Apex Legends. He even mentioned that the team loves to play during the weekends, though the platform separation is very much felt and because of that, he added that this goal is “an important thing to do” though when it will happen is up in the air. 

Respawn is aware that it is an expectation among fans of games like this, not just Apex Legends, and that this renewed desire should always be a goal for studios leading the charge on experiences like Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone. 

With Duos now a permanent addition after months and months of pleading from the gaming community, who knows where Respawn will take the Apex Legends name from here? One thing is for sure: it will definitely be exciting! You can learn more about the popular battle royale game with our Game Hub right here! We’ve got tips, tricks, news, and all of the details about the upcoming Apex Legends event kicking off on Tuesday.

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