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Apex Legends Duos Will Be A Permanent Addition

by Liana Ruppert

Apex Legends from Respawn Entertainment was the surprise battle royale experience that took the gaming world by storm. That being said, the three-squad setup isn’t a huge hit with everyone, which makes the limited-time additions of solos and duos a huge source of glee for players. For those that were hoping that these additional playstyles would be made permanent, we’ve got some good news, because duos is now a standard option going forward. 

The implementation of duos as a permanent option goes live on April 7 in addition to the Old Ways Lore Event. It will also offer a map rotation between World’s End and the original King’s Canyon. While duos is a permanent way to play going forward, the Old Waysevent is a limited time only event with an end date set for April 21. 


As far as what the Old Ways has to offer players, here’s a breakdown of new features: 

  • New Town Takeover – Bloodhound’s Trials
  • Exclusive Event Prize Track
  • Direct Purchase Shop
    • New Event Limited Cosmetics
    • Return of Legendary Hunt Skins

Respawn also outlined the Bloodhound trials as well, saying “When the Apex Games came to World’s Edge, large predators vacated the area, leading to an explosion in the prowler population. Most were traced to a nest in the northwest portion of the arena, and here, Bloodhound saw an opportunity: maintain the ecosystem by pitting humans against beasts.

“Dive into Bloodhound’s Trials, where you and your squad battle against a hoard of prowlers and claim high-tier loot as your reward. But beware the most dangerous game: fellow Legends who want to scavenge those goods for themselves. In moments of quiet, don’t forget to explore the enclosure, especially with a certain hunter at your side.”

The upcoming event goes live in Apex Legends on April 7 and will run until April 21 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC players. 

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