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Neverland Claims World’s First FFXIV Dragonsong Reprise Clear

If I could turn back time.

by Jesse Vitelli

Dragonsong Reprise is the latest Ultimate Raid in Final Fantasy XIV which was introduced in patch 6.11. Ultimate raids in FFXIV are the hardest content in the game and often take static groups days of endless trying to clear. In order to even access this raid, you need to have cleared Asphedelos Circle 4 on Savage.

Neverland Claims World’s First FFXIV Dragonsong Reprise Clear

Neverland, a Europen Data Center group cleared the raid around 9 am est today, marking to first clear of DSR. While we don’t have any video or streams to point to because world first racers don’t stream their strategies and attempts, we hope some more footage of the Ultimate Raid appears online soon.

Many players never engage with this content in FFXIV because its challenge level is designed for those looking for the most difficult PvE content out there. To put it into perspective, Dragonsong Reprise launched on April 26, and teams have been non-stop attempting it for almost a week straight. It took six days for one of the top racing teams to clear it.

We don’t know much about the contents of the raid, but we do know one mechanic involves trying to rescue a certain character (name not given for spoiler reasons) from their fated death scene. If the team fails to save this character, the entire party will revert back to a previous phase of the Raid and have to retry until it gets done perfectly. You can see a small clip of it here. (Spoilers beware)

Of course, this tale is a retelling of the final fight of the first expansion Heavensward with twists and turns. The story is being retold by the Wandering Minstrel, a character in FFXIV players known for handing out quests for more challenging content in the game.

Huge congratulations to Neverland for being World’s First, and for their trouble the team receives a special achievement that reads “As Suits a Hero”!

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