Nathan Drake Voice Actor, Nolan North, Offers Words of Support to Uncharted Movie Cast

While the Wahlberg casting wasn't his favorite part of the Uncharted movie news, Nathan Drake actor Nolan North wishes the film cast nothing but the best.

While the Wahlberg casting wasn’t his favorite part of the Uncharted movie news, Nathan Drake actor Nolan North wishes the film cast nothing but the best. North is a renowned name in the gaming industry, voicing many of our favorite characters, including the Uncharted protagonist. With the upcoming Uncharted movie set to begin filming soon, North wanted to send some positive vibes out to the two leading actors. 

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The Uncharted movie has been a roller coaster of emotions with numerous directors coming onboard only to leave months later and a plethora of launch date changes. That being said, it looks like the filming is about to kick off soon with set tests already in progress. With the movie now officially on the right track, North took to Twitter to offer a simple brand of encouragement: 

Unfortunately, much like the reaction to the film altogether, the responses to North’s tweet were anything but positive, including some bringing up Wahlberg’s past of being a ‘racist‘, which has been an ongoing issue in the past. Mark Wahlberg is set to play a younger Sully, a move that Drake’s voice actor himself – Nolan North – took issue with back in April. While North didn’t address Wahlberg’s past, he did mention that he just “can’t see him” as Sully. Though he promised it was nothing personal against the actor himself, his “non-feelings” were felt by many others, not just the actor himself.

Not all of the responses were negative though, others seemed relieved to see North’s support for the cast as they take on a new story meant as a prequel to the games with a young adult Nathan Drake starring Tom Holland. 

The Uncharted movie is set to hit theaters on July 16, 2021, unless the continued spread of COVID-19 causes another delay. Are you looking forward to seeing the tale of a younger Drake and Wahlberg as a younger Sully? Hit us up with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames!

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