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Uncharted’s Nolan North Isn’t Feeling Mark Wahlberg As Sully

by Liana Ruppert

The upcoming Uncharted movie that is set to star Spider-Man’s Tom Holland as a much younger Nathan Drake has seen its fair share of issues. From going through 7 different directors to numerous delays, the road hasn’t been easy for the entire crew. That being said, one notable voice actor from the franchise is speaking out on his thoughts of one key casting decision regarding Mark Wahlberg as Sully. 

Nolan North knows a thing or two about the Uncharted franchise given that he’s the voice behind the main protagonist himself: Nathan Drake. He’s mostly been quiet up until this point about his thoughts on the upcoming prequel movie, but apparently Wahlberg is enough to learn a little more about what North thinks of the whole idea. While he is busy helping out Craig Mazin and Naughty Dog with another adaptation of a series he’s involved with, HBO’s The Last of Us series, he did mention that he just doesn’t see Wahlberg in that role. 

North opened up about Sully’s casting in a recent Retro Replay episode, a podcast that he runs alongside fellow actor Troy Baker. In the episode, he mentioned, “I love Mark Wahlberg but I just don’t see him as Sully.” His sentiments are definitely not isolated. When the casting news went live last year, the most common reaction was basically “why.” Though Holland’s role was met with skepticism, it’s not hard to see that he at least looks the part of a younger Drake, frighteningly so, but Wahlberg? That’s a tougher pill to swallow

With the continued spread of COVID-19, the film has also seen yet another delay, this time being pushed back until October 8, 2021. Assuming nothing else causes a delay, we’ll be seeing exactly how Mark Wahlberg takes to playing Sully in the upcoming Uncharted movie.  

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