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MultiVersus 1.04 Patch Notes: Happy Halloween! Nerfs for Everyone!

Sounds like the new map is too fun for ranked matches

by Lucas White

Stripe is here! The Gremlins have officially invaded MultiVersus. It’s also a major holiday month, and a special in-game event is celebrating Halloween. Part of that celebration also seems to involve hitting half the roster with nerfs. But hey that’s esports, baby. Here’s a taste of what’s going on with the latest MultiVersus update, bringing the game to version 1.04.

New Stuff

  • Stripe has arrived, and he has his, uh, iconic chainsaw! Here we have a new Assassin character, which is nice and refreshing after all the tricksters we’ve gone through so far in Season One.
  • A new, customs-only map is on the way???
  • Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time marks the first post-Open Beta/launch announcer pack!
  • Halloween event! You can check out the details on that over at our MultiVersus Halloween event guide.


  • FFA mode has been moved in the UI to make it more visible; seems like it has largely been glossed over and the team likes it enough to encourage it
  • The anti-infinite system has been tweaked, making the true combo decay go from four moves to three.
  • The dodge meter recharges a bit more slowly now, a decision made to make dodging more careful and to make perks more meaningful

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Buffs and Nerfs

Arya Stark

  • Ground/Air up special “buffed” with a KBI adjustment as a more final adjustment is worked on
  • Ground/Air side special hit consistency buffed
  • Air up attack buffed to combo easier


  • Side air attack (first hit) slightly nerfed for consistent whiff lag
  • Side air attack (second hit) tweaked to make it more reliable online


  • Removed hurt boxes on arms and hands, effectively buffing several moves
  • Air up special buffed upwards movement distance


  • Nerfs to several moves! Car and attached state mostly tuned down
  • Neutral special buffed to make silence apply more often

Iron Giant

  • No longer functions as a “wall” to bounce enemies off of. Introduced too many bugs


  • Pass catch explosion is smaller now


  • Down special nerfed to have bigger cooldown and slightly smaller save duration
  • Grenades nerfed to limit knockback scaling to three stacks


  • So many nerfs! Basically this dude was super strong out of the gate, and needed to be reined in a little. No pun intended. Most notable is neutral special has ammo now.


  • Downwards throw from air up special reduced
  • Air neutral and side attacks knockback reduced

Tom & Jerry

  • Slight buffs! Jerry has 10 HP now and ground down attack can be canceled slightly faster


  • Slight nerfs to make properties fit animations more accurately

Wonder Woman

  • Air up special no longer has instant cancel. RIP.
  • Ground down attack whiff lag increased a whopping eight frames
  • Ground neutral attack single startup frame added to fix attack hitting behind her

While those are the “Cliff Notes” versions of the buffs and nerfs, make sure to refer to the official MultiVersus patch notes website for the hard details in case you want to dive deeper. Shout outs to Bugs Bunny for finally surviving a wave of nerfs!