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Here Is What Hell Will Be Like In Baldur’s Gate 3, It Includes Lawyers

by Liana Ruppert

Baldur’s Gate 3 may have been hit with a small delay, but it promises one hell of a good time – literally. Larian Studios has been hard at work with the latest tribute to Dungeons & Dragons before its September launch but that hasn’t stopped the team from sharing new details about what sort of game fans can expect.

In a recent interview with the folks over at PC Gamer, Larian Studios CEO Swen Vincke revealed a few keen details on what players can expect when they go to hell. One tip: expect lawyers, lots and lots of lawyers.

“I strongly suspect that Wizards of the Coast-based devils on lawyers. They have a whole code of laws, and when you make a pact, the pact is holy. You have to be very careful about the wording of the contract.”

He added, “The soul coin is basically made of a person’s soul. It’s the currency of Hell, it’s how payment is done. You’ll encounter soul coins early on in Act One. When you get into Hell, soul coins are the thing.

“You’ll get a good sense of how the mechanics of Hell work. There’s an element of perpetual fear and competition. There are a strict hierarchy and the absolute rule of holy law. It allows us to do interesting moral situations and quests, and we tie it all into what’s happening in the real world above. If you’ve accepted pacts that have been offered to you by devils throughout your adventure, that changes things a lot.”

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And if lawyers and hell weren’t enough, fans have also had a few sneak peeks at the devil Rapheal in previous gameplay reveals and the CEO promises that this crafty trickster will offer a little something special to each member of your team’s party. An offer they can’t refuse. And suddenly I’m having Dragon Age 2 Fade flashbacks and honestly, I can’t go through that again.

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