Grand Theft Auto 5: How to Use LifeInvader

Everything you should know about the game's social website – but might have been afraid to ask.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is huge. No, really. It’s been over two weeks since the game’s release and we’re still finding secrets throughout Los Santos and Blaine County. There are miles to cover here, and a variety of activities that will certainly keep you busy.

The in-game world is so big, that Rockstar Games even took the time to create a fake social network for its players. While LifeInvader isn’t likely to overtake Twitter or Facebook when it comes to popularity, it’s still a great place to log in and get your “stalk” on. No, you’re not becoming a psychopath – you’re merely adding friends and businesses that you like, while at the same time earning a few notable bonuses in the game.

Here’s a quick guide to get you started with LifeInvader, and the benefits you’ll earn.

Social Club Linking

In order to log in to the LifeInvader site, you’ll need to set up a Rockstar Social Club account. Chances are you’ve already done this if you’ve diving into the world of Grand Theft Auto Online, but if you haven’t, it’s free of charge and only takes about a minute to do.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to browse through the many fictional users on the site, as well as “stalk” certain favorites. As you can see on the web page itself, they’re quite popular, with Legendary Motorsport racking up over 400,000 “stalkees,” and Los Santos Customs getting a little more than that.

The People You’ll Meet

A number of in-game characters from Grand Theft Auto 5 have profiles on LifeInvader, and although you can’t really change anything “stalking” their page, you can learn more about said characters. For instance, main character Michael De Santa has a page, and you can get a little more backstory on him – aside from what the game’s main story mode provides. Franklin and Trevor also have their own specific pages on the site, along with the rest of the De Santa clan and a few oddball favorites, such as Wade Hebert and Stretch.

That’s not all. There is a neat little Easter egg in the game where Michael will happen upon the LifeInvader stat page of a particular character – Niko Bellic from Grand Theft Auto IV. It takes place during a cut-scene, when Jimmy looks down at his laptop shortly after he smashes his TV set. Watch for it quickly, and you’ll spot Niko in all his glory. We’re still looking for his profile on the main site at the moment. 

Hopefully, Rockstar will take the opportunity to add additional characters from the GTA lexicon onto the site, including Tommy Vercetti and Carl “C.J.” Johnson. It would be interesting to see how their profiles read.

“Stalking” For Discounts

As Facebook does in real life, LifeInvader has a number of pages dedicated to businesses that are featured in the game, along with a neat little bonus.  If you manage to “stalk” these sites, you’ll earn a discount or freebie in the game itself.

Here are just a few of the more notable offers that the businesses make on the site.

Legendary Motorsport – 10 percent discount on your first website purchase. This is essential if you spot a car in the Legendary lot that you want for yourself, as it’ll save you some scratch on the side.

Herr Kutz Barber – Considering that haircuts go for a hefty amount in-game – we’re talking $100 or so – liking this page is worth it for a first free haircut. Even if you’re playing as Trevor, who only has two haircuts in the game, it’s definitely worth it.

Los Santos Customs – “Stalk” these guys and you’ll earn a free spray paint job. This is good to have if you feel like getting into customization, but don’t want to go all out on price. 

Redwood Cigarettes –How often do you see a cigarette company offer a convenient discount on a trip to the hospital? Like never. Thanks to Redwood, you’ll get ten percent knocked off your bill during your next visit. Yes, we would like a discounted liver transplant. Greatly appreciated, doc!

Sprunk – Feel like getting a boost from a can of soda? Try some Sprunk on the house! Simply “stalk” the page and head to your nearest retailer and enjoy a free boost of energy. NOTE: participating retailers only, so be sure to double check the company’s page (link: for more details.

Ink Inc. – You’ll get your first tattoo for free “stalking” this page. That’s a nice way to get introduced to the game’s customization.

Warstock Cash and Carry – This is one of the better deals you’ll get in the game, as you’ll get ten percent off your total purchase. This is perfect if you’re looking to stock up on weapons and ammunition.

Elitas Travel – Last, but certainly not least, if you have the cash to buy a jet or another flying vehicle of choice, simply “stalk” the Elitas page and hook up your ten percent discount. There’s nothing like cheap travel – without feeling cheap.

You can view these and more deals and profiles over at the LifeInvader page. Don’t forget to log in to take advantage of the deals! 

Grand Theft Auto 5 is available now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Check out our Free Guide for full coverage on the game!

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