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Dead by Daylight Teaser Trailer Leaks the Name of the Newest Killer

Capitalism will steal our very bones

by Daphne Fama

Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical horror survival game that pits four Survivors against one Killer. A large part of Dead by Daylight’s appeal is the wide assortment of characters you can play as. Some of these characters are horror icons, like Michael Myers from Halloween or Cheryl/Heather from Silent Hill. Others are original creations made by Dead by Daylight’s developer, Behavior Interactive. And it seems the newest Killer name might have been leaked.

Dead by Daylight Teaser Trailer Leaks the Name of the Newest Killer

Dead by Daylight releases new killers every two months alongside new chapters. On February 13, 2023, we received our first video teaser of the latest Chapter, Chapter 27: Tools of Torment. In it, we can see blueprints of a skull with a wire working through its jaw. The video then pans to a real skull, with a wire and an ominous red glow in its mouth.

Like most Dead by Daylight teasers, the video is short and doesn’t offer much in the way of details. But Discord users quickly discovered that key information from this Chapter was available in the YouTube tags. Spoilers will be below.

Dead by Daylight Chapter 27: Tools of Torment Trailer

These extracted tags have some of the common terms you might expect, like “dead by daylight”, “dbd”, and “survival horror”. But it also has a few key names like the chapter title, “Tools of Torment” and three unfamiliar names. Those names are The Skull Merchant, Thalita Lyra, and Renato Lyra.

The Skull Merchant is our killer, but are they Talita or Renato Lyra? How are the two Lyras related? A new trailer for the Chapter 27 will be released on February 15, 2023, but fans will likely need to wait until Chapter 27 releases in March 2023 to learn more concrete details.

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