Datamine Reveals Fall Guys x DOOM Collab: More Info

Rip and Tumble, err.. Tear.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout leaks have revealed a fan favorite bundle that’ll have opposing beans only fearing one thing – you. According to Pancake, a prominent Fall Guys leaks Twitter account, the Doom Slayer and friends may be making a comeback pretty soon. If you missed your chance to grab the hellish bundle the first time around, continue reading to find out more information about the Fall Guys x DOOM collaboration that may be hitting the game’s store soon.

Trailer via Devolver Digital

Originally released on January 12, 2021, the Fall Guys x DOOM collaboration bundle included three costumes to give your beans of dash of demonic design. Previously, players could spend Crowns they’d earn in-game to purchase the DOOM-inspired outfits, though with the recent release of Season 1, players will now be spending the new paid currency known as Show-Bucks.

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As far as what’s available in the returning bundle, according to the leaked images, it appears that there are no new costumes showing up, but a re-release of the originals instead. DOOM fans who may have missed the bundle the first time around will have a chance to grab them again for a limited time.

Image via @FGPancake / Twitter

The bundle appears to include:

  • DOOM Slayer Set – 1800 Show-Bucks
  • Cyberdemon – 1200 Show-Bucks
  • Doom Slayer – 1200 Show-Bucks
  • Cacodemon – 400 Show-Bucks

The leaked data also reveals that the bundle will be available for purchase from August 18 through August 22. So, save up those Show-Bucks and grab the set so you can fight like hell to claim those crowns. Disclaimer: The Doom Slayer’s weapons are not available in Fall Guys so, no, you cannot blow up your fellow beans in the arena.

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