Dan Heng’s Five-Star Form Revealed in Honkai: Star Rail Drip Marketing

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While we’re excited for the release of our first Fontaine characters to be revealed in Genshin Impact, Hoyoverse decided that this wasn’t enough. Shortly after introducing Lyney, Lynette, and Ferdinand for Genshin Impact, they announced the release of Five-Star Characters for Honkai: Star Rail which will be featured in the next banner. Yes, although there is still some time before 1.2 is set to release on Hoyoverse’s newest game, they decided that while the iron was hot and the hype amongst their audience was buzzing, they’d reveal even more characters to keep generating interest!

Five-Star Dan Heng and Fu Xuan’s Splash Art Revealed by Honkai: Star Rail and Are Confirmed for 1.3 Banner

Oh my gosh, who could have seen this coming?! Dan Heng has a Five-Star form, how is that going to work?! How crazy! And Fu Xuan, available already?! So exciting…

I’m not really surprised about the character leaks since I have a fondness for learning about them.. But what is quite astonishing is that Hoyoverse themselves is releasing information so insanely early and so shortly after Genshin Impact’s 4.0 Character Banners confirmation. 

Naturally, you may be of the mind where you play one game and not the other, so this may not make sense to you. But if you play both like I do, then this is a lot of information. I’ve been following Genshin Impact and the company behind the game for years and they’ve never been this upfront with information. It would be months before you heard a word from these developers. This is possibly because they are trying to confront leakers at their own game and are trying to generate interest by steadily releasing Character Splash Art to let us know what characters are slotted for the next banners after Blade and Kafka have had their run.

So yes, Dan Heng will be receiving a Five-Star form where he begins to look more like a dragon from Chinese myth. He is associated with water, and the dragon’s form is long and slender with antler-like horns which we will actually see represented in Dan Heng’s character model as well. All of it is absolutely fascinating and I love the design. Mostly because it does remind me of Xiao from Genshin Impact, so I am getting really hyped for this character release.

Dan Heng (Five-Star) will be Imaginary Destruction which adds to our Imaginary branch a bit. Previously, the Imaginary element had limited characters, but we are now expanding it. As for how we are going to be receiving this model, I’ve theorized in the past that what will happen is likely to be able to transition the models, similar to the Trailblazer, and switch between the different forms of Dan Heng. This isn’t confirmed, but it is how I would think the game would make this work, rather than just giving us a whole new Dan Heng form. It wouldn’t make sense if we could have two Dan Hengs in a fight. It would be far too overpowered.

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A couple of days later, after Dan Heng’s Five-Star form was revealed, we also see confirmation that Fu Xuan will be featured in the banner as well. Not the same one, but whereas Dan Heng will feature in the first half of 1.3, Fu Xuan will be wrapping up by premiering in the second half. She is a Quantum Preservation character which is sure to be interesting since most of the Quantum characters that we have currently are ones that are known for their attacks. So will she be like March 7th where she can attack and add shields, or is her role primarily to be a shielder and debuffer like Gepard? Time will only tell. We only know that she’s going to join the short game alongside Pela and Qingque. 

We still have some time before 1.3, but I guarantee you that now that we have received the two five-star characters that will be featured in that patch, we are going to see a new Four-Star as well. Honkai: Star Rail has been keeping up a pattern so far, and while it may be presumptuous to say, I think Hoyoverse will reveal one more character before the live stream. 

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Based on what we’ve seen in the past, I think it may be Lynx from Jarilo-VI or Screwllum from the IPC. Now, the latter has said that he may premiere as a Five-Star, but based on his design, it just screams Four-Star energy, you know? It’s not detailed or enough for me to think that, yes, this is a Five-Star character. We may see another form of him later that will be a Five-Star similar to Dan Heng, but these are the two characters who I think will be revealed in 1.3. 

With Hoyoverse at the helm, there is so much to keep up with so if you’ve missed out on it already, we do already know who is going to be alongside Blade and Kafka when it comes to Four-Stars. If you’d like to know more about Dan Heng and Fu Xuan’s possible kits, we have theorized those as well. Be sure to check out those articles below, and as always, Happy Trailblazing!

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