Four-Star Characters Leaked for the Upcoming 1.2 Banner in Honkai: Star Rail

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Mind you, we are nowhere near close to seeing the next banners featuring Blade and Kafka come to Honkai: Star Rail’s 1.2 update, but somehow the community has already received whispers within the grapevine of which Four-Star characters are expected to run along them in the banners.

What Four-Stars will Accompany Blade in Honkai: Star Rail 1.2?

But honestly, how funny would it be if they had put Dan Heng in this banner? Can you imagine just either getting Dan Heng then Blade afterward because the man is on a hunt? That would be such a good video to see posted online. Sadly, we won’t be seeing that happen during Blade’s banner.

Instead, the Four-Star characters that have been said to run in 1.2 alongside Blade are Natasha, Arlan, and Sushang. There aren’t many Four-Stars to choose from so it’s only natural that we’re going to see a lot of repeats when it comes to the character pool featured with the Limited-Time Character. 

This isn’t too bad of a pool either, Natasha is a great healer and since players have already received her for free, getting more of her Eidolons will help to make her an even better asset on your team. Especially when it comes to getting Blade. His kit takes off HP in return for big damage, so you want to make sure he’s not going to keel over trying to conquer your enemies for you.

Arlan is a precious bean and must be protected. I am excited to see him on a banner because I do not have him. Like Blade, he will also take damage to himself when fighting so apparently like-minded Destruction characters will be the running theme of Blade’s banner.

The last is Sushang who is a Physical Hunt character. Great for going after single enemies and piling on the damage, along with her speed, she can attack multiple times in a turn if you play her right. Eidolons can help make that happen as well.

What Four-Stars Will Accompany Kafka in Honkai: Star Rail 1.2?

As we know from public announcements from Honkai: Star Rail Official Twitter, Luka will be featured on Kafka’s banner, our newest Four-Star Character. Like her, he is in the Path of Nihility so he’s great at debuffing your enemy so you can deal harder hits against them. As a physical character, he could replace your Trailblazer whenever they run as Preservation. 

Serval is always going to be a good character. I adore her and I still cannot believe they gave her to us for free. Before Jing Yuan, this was the Erudition character I always went to. Her lightning attacks will go after just about any enemy on the field and her energy regeneration rate is nothing to scoff at either. Paired with her Light Cone Make the World Clamor, you can rival Jing Yuan’s damage if you build her right.

Last but certainly not least is Sampo, my good boy. Whereas Blade was a showcase of characters who like to take damage, Kafka’s is just full of Nihility characters. I guess that Path was feeling a bit low on the characters involved in it, so Hoyoverse decided to pad it up a bit. I personally love Sampo since he works as yes, Nihility, but also as an Erudition character too since his Skill can attack multiple people on the field, and the damage over time? Chef’s kiss. I am close to getting him to E6, so you better believe I’ll be pulling on Kafka’s banner, regardless of the outcome.

Now, this news is based on leaks and can be subject to change, so I wouldn’t get your hopes up quite just yet. Mainly, just focus on planning around your Five-Stars and Luka running alongside Kafka, and the Four-Stars will be happy bonuses on top of that.

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So that you can mark down the dates in your calendars, check out our Five-Star Character Banner Schedule where we have figured out the dates that characters are set to release, in the case nothing changes in the months ahead. And for more news and guides, check out the Honkai: Star Rail tag just below this article so you don’t miss out.

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