Apex Legends Season 6 New Map, New Character Teased With Epilogue Quest

Yet another Titanfall 2 character is making their way over onto the battlefield of Apex Legends.

Apex Legends season 5 is coming to a close here soon, which means a new adventure awaits with season 6. Following Loba’s inclusion in the latest season, Apex Legends season 6 will come bearing a new map and a new character according to the final phase of the season 5 spanning questline.

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For those enjoying the current season, season 5 has boasted a continuous questline called Broken Ghost. Broken Ghost offers a slightly different experience in the free-to-play game and allows players to go on the hunt for sweet, sweet loot. New cosmetics and other awards are a huge plus with the PvE component, but it also houses a few major clues about what’s ahead. 

A new map for season 6 and a new character have been revealed thanks to the new epilogue Dust to Dust mission and in this mission, players are tasked with infiltrating a location found connected to Hammond Technology. In the YouTube video below, one player went into the center part of the questline and found a macabre scene of a figure being hung by wires. This figure will be recognizable as Ash from the Abyss mission prior: 


The big reveal comes after players are tasked with putting the head back where it belongs on Ash, a simulacrum pilot and enemy from Titanfall 2, to bring her online. This concludes the mission and rewards players with the new Flatline skin and bobblehead charm, but even more than that it also provides the next step of the story about these Legends we love so much. This time, it’s a little more narrative surrounding both Lifeline and Octane about a conversation they are having, a conversation that teases a brand new map called Olympus in the Outlands.

Ash was first teased as part of Apex Legends back with the season 5 cinematic launch trailer and it looks like Respawn is looking to bring her back as yet another new Legend. 

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This free to play game has evolved quite a bit since it launched last year and we can’t wait to see what other surprises await from the team over at Respawn. What are you hoping to see from Apex Legends season 6 and beyond? Sound off with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames!

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