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Apex Legends Mobile Releasing Later This Year, Says EA

by Liana Ruppert

While Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends had a token showing during the recent EA Play Live presentation, not much was actually revealed during the event save for a few details on the game’s reworked Kings Canyon map. Elsewhere some important announcements regarding the title were made, one of which being that Apex Legends will be releasing on mobile devices later this year. 

As mentioned, the mobile release announcement wasn’t made during the EA Play Live presentation, which is where it realistically should have been announced. Instead, the news comes by way of EA CEO Andrew Wilson during a recent EA Fireside Chat. As noted via footage from ApexLatest, Wilson states that Respawn’s battle royale title will have a soft-launch on mobile by the end of 2020. 

While Andrew Wilson rather plainly admits to the upcoming launch of Apex Legends Mobile during the EA Fireside Chat, he fails to mention whether it’ll be a full release of the PC and console version or, more likely, a truncated version of the title like what we’ve seen with PUBG Mobile and League of Legends: Wild Rift. Wilson’s statement also likely refers to a beta release rather than the actual full version given that half of 2020 has already come and gone and Respawn and EA will need some time to more officially announce the mobile version and implement alpha and beta testing. 

At this time, it’s currently unknown if Apex Legends Mobile will be cross-play enabled. Cross-play for the battle royale title was confirmed by EA during this month’s EA Play Live event, though that was between PC and consoles. If the mobile version ends up being a unique, dulled down version, then any possibility of cross-play would only exist between Android and iOS. The popularity of Apex Legends has both risen and fallen substantially since it’s release in February 2019.

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Starting out of the gate strong with a surprise launch during the game’s initial reveal, Apex’s popularity was buffeted thanks to a massive – and partly paid-for – presence on streamer platforms, though that didn’t stop the game’s revenue from plummeting dramatically just two months after its release. Since then, Respawn has seemingly found its stride, with the studio now committed to a near-constant stream of new events, unique in-game modes, and Legend cinematics. The upcoming release of Apex Legends Mobile should only serve to reinvigorate the player base, though that chiefly depends on the port’s execution.

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