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Resident Evil 8: Capcom Can’t Decide On What Their Resident Evil Characters Look Like, Apparently

by Liana Ruppert

We’ve got our first look at Resident Evil 8: Village and it looks great, but there is nothing you could say to convince us that’s actually Chris Redfield. Poor ‘ol Redfield has come a long way since his introduction into the Resident Evil franchise but despite his numerous appearances, none of his faces look even remotely similar. Capcom seems to have a serious case of mistaken identity. 

Capcom revealed our first look at Resident Evil 8: Village during the recent June 11 PlayStation 5 showcase and it looked absolutely stellar. With returning favorites like Ethan making a comeback and the story once more going back to werewolves, 8 definitely looks to be much darker than any previous games in the series. Stunning reveal aside, there is one part that we, and other fans outside of our news team, can’t seem to look past: what the hell happened to Chris Redfield’s face?! 

Now, to be fair, there is a major graphical leap in between some of these games, so differences are to be expected and Capcom is by far not the only studio that has fallen victim to “who the heck is that,” but come on – getting swol is one thing, but that face? That looks nothing like him.

Is this a deal-breaker with the game? No, absolutely not. Are we whining? A smidge. Is it that serious? Again, nope. But it’s funny lining up his many faces in conjunction with each other, it really makes those differences stick out much more starkly. But one thing is for sure; he’s a straight-up G in the trailer. Redfield laid into those rounds without a single care in the world and you know what? We’re here for it. 

The Resident Evil 8 reveal was one of many new announcements that were shared during the PlayStation showcase on June 11, including our first look at the upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn sequel, the highly anticipated Demon’s Souls remake, and so much more! Take a peek at just a few of the news stories we’ve covered from the folks over at Sony: 

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