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PS5 Console Officially Revealed

by Nicholas Barth

The official PlayStation 5 reveal took place on Thursday, June 11th, and it revealed a treasure trove of exciting details for fans. Many of the reveals and announcements surrounded games that would be available on the PS5 console. However, the main attraction of the show was the official reveal of how the platform would look. Now, the entire world finally knows what the PS5 looks like, and it is slick. 

PS5 Console

The design features a sleek white and black color scheme with a side dedicated to vents, which should hopefully allow for better cooling and less noise, which plagued the PlayStation 4. Players who purchase this next-generation console will get a DualSense controller, DualSense charging station, an HD camera, a Pulse 3D wireless headset, and a media remote. There will be two versions with one having a disc drive and the other being only digital.

You can find the official PS5 console in all of its glory in the image below:

PS5 Console

There is no doubt plenty of excitement circulating in the video game community right now, as the wait has been long for fans who were wanting to see exactly how the next-generation console would look, and now they have their answer. 

Sony did not announce any details regarding the price of what the newly revealed platform will be, so players will have to wait until they find out how much they will have to spend when the next-generation console launches later this year. 

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