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Horizon Forbidden West Officially Announced for PlayStation 5

by Andrew Smith

During the PlayStation Future of Gaming event, Sony officially revealed Horizon Forbidden West for the PlayStation 5, the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. There was no release date or frame given for the sequel during the event.

The reveal trailer shows Aloy facing a variety of new enemies and is in the same time as the original game. “The old ones perished a thousand years ago,” begins the reveal trailer. “Their great cities turned to graves and in their place came new life and new dangers.” You can catch the official reveal trailer for Horizon Forbidden West in the video below.

Forbidden West will serve as a direct sequel to the original Horizon Zero Dawn and will continue to follow Aloy’s journey. It appears that the land has been destroyed by massive storms and from what was shown in the reveal trailer, it looks like Horizon Forbidden West will feature some new gameplay mechanics, like diving underwater for example. It also appears that there will be a handful of new creatures and robotic enemies, including an awesome looking robotic elephant.

Horizon Forbidden West will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive, but no timeframe was given for its release, so it’s safe to assume that it won’t be a PS5 launch title. More details about Horizon Forbidden West will undoubtedly be revealed in the coming months.

Horizon Forbidden West is being developed by Guerilla Games, the same team that developed Zero Dawn. If you missed out on the first game, it’s set to release on PC later this year. Rumors of a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel have been floating around the gaming community over the past few weeks, and it turns out, the rumors were true. 

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Horizon Zero Dawn was initially released on the PlayStation 4 in February 2017. Despite taking place far in the future, the original game see’s a primitive version of humans who are divided into tribes of hunters. The game also places a big emphasis on stealth mechanics and ranged weapons. The story follows Aloy, a genetic clone created by GAIA, an AI system that is now in charge of the world. Eventually, Aloy discovers a unique item called Focus that gives her special abilities.

As we mentioned above, Horizon Forbidden West was officially announced during the PS5 livestream event in June, which also gave fans the first look at the PlayStation 5 console. The event also announced a Demon Soul’s Remake, Hitman 3, and much more.

If you’re planning to play through Horizon Zero Dawn when it releases on PC later this year, be sure to check out some of the guides on our game-page hub. Listed below are some guides that we think you’ll find useful throughout your journey.

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