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Image from Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail Official Twitter. Edited by Prima Games

Quality-of-Life Fixes in Honkai: Star Rail That NEED to be Added to Genshin Impact

This is just cruel, Mihoyo…

There are always quality-of-life fixes that we want from some of our favorite games, but I find it hilarious that all the fixes the Genshin Impact community begged for in that game were instead implemented into Honkai: Star Rail. This is one of those members begging the Hoyoverse company to please, please consider bringing some of these beloved actions in Honkai: Star Rail to Genshin Impact, where most of the complaints originated.

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10 Fixes That Genshin Impact Needs to Implement from Honkai: Star Rail

Gacha Pulls and 300 Free For All

Not to get into the math of things, but the consolidated chances of Honkai: Star Rail will result in more Four-Stars and potential Five-Stars when you do multiple pulls in one gacha banner. The percentages run pretty similar to Genshin Impact but result in more chances for players to get the characters and light cones from a singular banner. Not to mention that within the permanent banner, Honkai: Star Rail promises a Five-Star within 300 pulls. Out of the seven Standard characters that are available, players will be able to choose which one to add to their roster by the time they hit 300 pulls within the Permanent Warp Banner.

Given that it takes some players years and they still struggle to get Diluc, Keqing, or Jean, this quality-of-life fix is a way to get players to not only try more for the Standard banner but helps to grab characters that may be skirting around your clutches.

Let’s not forget to mention that when Honkai: Star Rail first came out the game guaranteed beginner players a Five-Star on a special banner that was available for a limited run of 50 pulls before it disappeared. With the Standard Characters expanding within recent updates, Genshin Impact could really stand to benefit by including something like this for beginner players who are joining the game.

Replayable Events

Before Hoyoverse shot themselves in the foot with the Sumeru story, this could have been a viable option for many players coming into the game late. Events that include our first introduction with Scaramouche, Albedo’s multiple quests in Dragonspine, and Test of Courage. Not only would this make limited-time weapons available again, but players who are both beginners and veterans would be able to revisit old lore that is limited to that particular event. 

Genshin Impact has been guilty of dropping bits of story lore that can only be found in events that run for a limited time. While this does increase the exclusivity of weapons, skins, and items, it’s ridiculous for new players to come in and miss out on those weapons, to have to pay for Four-Star skins, and have to dish out millions of Mora for items that you can only get from Margaret in Mondstadt. 

This wouldn’t be easy to fix by any means and would require a load of data given that Genshin Impact is already a sizeable game as is, but it’s disappointing that new players aren’t able to experience some of the fun events that happened in the past when the game was still fresh. It’s hard to get a grasp for theory crafters when parts of the lore are hidden behind limited-time events that are not replayable.

Free Conversions

Okay, but as someone who maybe may have been away a bit too long, having to regather Crystal Flies is a bit of a pain! Converting your Trailblazer Power in Honkai: Star Rail is easy and can be done right in the Simulated Universe with nothing else required but the 40 amount of Power you put into an Immersifier. For Condensed Resin, you need 40 Resin and a single Crystalfly in order to convert it. Which is fine, it’s an easy recipe, and this was adapted later in the game rather than when it was first released. 

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Craft From Anywhere

Screenshot by Prima Games

Oh, it’s so nice to be able to Synthesize items right within your menu. Not that traveling to towns is all that much of an inconvenience, but it’s nice to be in the area where you’re grinding for items to be able to take those items and level them up to deal with your Traces.

Now, Genshin Impact does have some workarounds for these types of things, but often enough, they are either relegated to crafting tables for when you are on the go and are only available through unlocking items further down the line when you’ve progressed through the regions.

More Rewards From Events

The amount of Stellar Jades and Trace materials that we earn for events is actually insane; within just the Museum Event alone in Honkai: Star Rail, you would have half a ten-pull to use on the Warp Banners.

In Genshin Impact, you’d be lucky if the rewards and Primos added up to two wishes for the banners there. 

Honkai: Star Rail has made it easy to gain Stellar Jades in ways that Genshin Impact hasn’t done pretty much ever. While they have been more forgiving recently, it’s almost astounding how a tiny bit of grinding or discoveries in the Simulated Universe can get you more items and Stellar Jades than spending three hours on the Genshin Impact maps discovering chests and gathering resources there.

Easier Grinds for Level-Up Materials

A while ago, I did an article for a To-Do List before you actually go out grinding for Relics, equippable extras you can put on characters that will expand your stats. And while I believe that you should grind for these eventually, I do think that there are other, more accessible avenues you can knock out of the way first. 

Because! Honkai: Star Rail has made it so much easier to grind for Level-Up Materials in their game. And much of it comes from autoplay, which would be incredibly difficult to implement in Genshin Impact. There has to be an easier way to do it rather than battle for each Condensed Resin or every 20 Resin we have on hand. 

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Resin Increase and Time Increase

Honkai: Star Rail has a total of 180 Trailblazer Power, and players have noticed that the countdown for the resin is indeed faster than that of Genshin Impact. This is just one of those things that players have been begging for in Genshin Impact, and we haven’t received any changes, but we do have them in Honkai: Star Rail. It would be nice in Genshin, just saying, Hoyoverse.

In-Game Story Characters Actually Visible in the Open World

I’ve got to say, it’s pretty odd going into the Favonious Knights Headquarters and seeing none of the Knights who have helped us throughout the game or going into the Clinic only not to be introduced to Doctor Baizhu or Qiqi, his assistant. Honkai: Star Rail can have their characters in the world because it only has to load specific chunks of the map at one time, but it would still be nice to see characters in areas they are known to frequent. 

It makes them feel real, and with as many characters that exist in Genshin Impact, it feels like a bit of an achievement to be able to come across them when you’re doing regular tasks around the world. Now there is the Serenitea Pot, but they hardly count, and you can only visit those characters if you actually have them. Otherwise, you don’t see those characters again. 

Borrowing Characters

While we aren’t able to have our friends travel to our world for exploration and hijinks, we are able to use Support Characters in Honkai: Star Rail, which is essentially just borrowing your friend’s characters for a short time in specific domains and being able to use them in battle. Players choose a character to lend out and get Credits the more players reach out and borrow that character. 

Now for this, it’d be challenging for Genshin to implement something like this unless they used it for Domains and World Bosses, where we can use the Support System to borrow a character. We’d be able to move them around freely and wouldn’t be able to take them out into the real world, sadly. But this would give us the chance to experiment with certain characters in our team and work with characters that we’ve personally built rather than what trials Genshin Impact has provided us. 

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Trials for the Standard Characters

Screenshot by Prima Games

This is a new feature that Honkai: Star Rail is doing where you will be able to Trial Standard Characters similar to that when you Trial the exclusive and limited-run Five-Star alongside the Four-Star Characters that are featured in that banner. As the Standard Character Pool grows, it should only prove helpful for new players that there are trials for the Standard characters so that they know how to build them, test how they are in battle, and see if they would want to build them if they ever did get them in a 50/50 or on the Permanent banner.

It is almost astounding how many quality-of-life changes came to Honkai: Star Rail, but a lot of it is due to the fact that it is just a different game. It’s an RPG, and thus, without the open-world and combat area, it’s easier for Hoyoverse to make changes and improvements to the game. Whereas, Genshin Impact is a huge powerhouse and thus requires a lot more testing and flexibility when it comes to bringing forth these changes. It’s not impossible! Just difficult. 

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