How to Get the Starlit Homecoming Event in Honkai: Star Rail

The event that welcomes you back after a well-deserved break

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Like many games, Honkai: Star Rail misses you when you’re gone, so the best way to lure you back into playing for multiple days is by doing a Return Event. This is the Starlight Homecoming event, a series of rewards and resources granted to you by logging in regularly each day while also completing missions to get you back into the groove of the game.

What is Starlight Homecoming and How Do You Trigger this Event in Honkai: Star Rail?

This isn’t your standard event that happens for every player, this event only triggers when you haven’t logged into the game for more than 14 days. As a way of catching up players who got caught up in another game, had some major work days, or quite frankly, just got tired of logging in every day to get their dailies done in Honkai: Star Rail, Starlight Homecoming has been introduced in 1.2. 

So after a player has forgone logging into Honkai: Star Rail for 14 days, and hasn’t triggered a previous run of Starlight Homecoming within the last 40 days, they will trigger the event to greet them the next time they log into the game successfully. Starlight Homecoming will also play out over the duration of 14 days, include missions and rewards for the Trailblazer upon their return, and grant them a Four-Star Light Cone of their choosing. 

Trailblazers will also be required that they are above the Trailblazer Level of 10 and have at least completed the Trailblazer Mission “Jarilo-VI — Long Wait for the Blade’s Edge.”

Events and Rewards Listed in the Starlight Homecoming Event in Honkai: Star Rail

  • Seven-Day Check-In that’ll reward Stellar Jades, Fuel, and other such resources 
  • Path of Return, which will cause Calyx challenges to drop double the materials for each successful run. Caps at 6 runs a day.
  • “The Returning Trials” – A list of missions that upon completion will reward the Trailblazer with the Memo-Keeping Light Casket. Unlocking this item will allow the Trailblazer to choose from one of the following light cones:
    • Quid Pro Quo (Abundance)
    • Fermata (Nihility)
    • We Are Wildfire (Preservation)
    • River Flows in Spring (The Hunt)
    • Past and Future (Harmony)
    • Wolf! Walk Time! (Destruction)
    • The Seriousness of Breakfast (Erudition)
  • Return Survey, an easy questionnaire that upon submission will grant the Trailblazer with even more rewards sent via mail. The survey can only be filled out once and cannot be modified after submission. 

The Return Event is meant to help catch the Trailblazer up on time that they would have spent in the game by minimizing that and offering the rewards missed in the meantime. Unexpected events can always happen in life so never stress if you’re not there to log in every day to your account because sometimes taking a few more days off in Honkai: Star Rail can reward you with just as many prizes as it would if you were in the game. 

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Always take care of yourself first and foremost and play with moderation when it comes to games. Honkai: Star Rail will always be here to welcome you back with open arms. For more news and guides on the game, be sure to check out game’s tag just below this article. 

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