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Is Hoyoverse Shooting Themselves in the Foot by Releasing Honkai: Star Rail?

Are you leaving a game in favor for Star Rail?

With Honkai: Star Rail rising in popularity as it has been these last few months, gamers are making public a very important question: Do they drop Genshin Impact for Hoyoverse’s new game instead? And that brings to light a very discussion, is this gaming company hurting its own franchises by focusing solely on Honkai: Star Rail?

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Is Hoyoverse Shooting Themselves in the Foot by Releasing Honkai: Star Rail?

Hoyoverse has made no secret that they are planning on releasing a variety of games alongside their most popular games, Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact. In the last year, they have carried out many beta tests for Honkai: Star Rail, have released trailers, and developed a website for Zenless Zone Zero to also orient attention to that game, though we are still uncertain on when they plan to release it. 

So is Honkai: Star Rail going to create a mass migration of players to leave Honkai and Genshin in favor of the lovechild the two games have made? Well, many players seem to think so. Conversation of Genshin-Killer games have skyrocketed since Tower of Fantasy was released, but thus far, Genshin and Honkai still continue to turn out good numbers both with people returning to the game and joining it as new players. Mainly because people who enjoy Hoyoverse games like to play more than just one.

Personally, I never really liked Honkai Impact, though I appreciated many elements in it, such as its story and incredibly beautiful combat style. Genshin Impact charmed me much in ways of having open-world exploration and darling characters with a variety of personalities derived from both good writing and the inspiration of different cultures. 

You’re more likely to see players just jump around from game to game depending on which is their favorite. For as many people are saying that they will be leaving Genshin for Honkai: Star Rail, there are just as many stating that they’d play both. And what a perfect time for Genshin Impact to run fewer banners featuring new Five-Stars in 3.7 and 3.8. 

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The Perfect Time For Genshin Impact’s Rerun Patches

I can only speak for the activity of Genshin Impact since I don’t know Honkai Impact 3rd all that well, but with Sumeru’s narrative wrapping up, we may be in for a few dry updates after Baizhu releases. He’s rumored to be the last newest Five-Star to come to Genshin until they are ready to release Fontaine, which will feature the next major chunk of the game. 

Naturally, Genshin will continue to hold events and rerun banners for the duration of the next few weeks after 3.6. We are due our Golden Apple Archipelago for the summer with a whole new twist. But if Genshin doesn’t come out with more of the map to explore, then the gaming can get pretty lax for a lot of advanced players, leaving them plenty of time to go back and forth to Honkai: Star Rail.

What a coincidence that Genshin will be taking it easy for the next few updates in Lieu of Honkai: Star Rail’s release date. Or is it one? It really seems like the perfect time for Genshin to release its last favored character, Baizhu, and then dip for a week weeks to pay attention to how Honkai: Star Rail will do. 

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Ultimately, why abandon one game for another? Especially if they are both something that you enjoy. Will you be moving to Honkai: Star Rail? Staying on Genshin Impact? Or maybe playing both? Blessings to your computer if so!

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