Why Kirara’s Drip Marketing from Genshin Impact May Spell Trouble for Upcoming Banners

It’s the catgirl-pocalypse!!

It’s hasn’t been long since Hoyoverse released the newest character to come to Genshin Impact, but as cute as Kirara is, her sole appearance may actually lead to a terrifying conclusion for players come 3.7.

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Why Our Newest Character in Genshin Impact May Be a Darker Omen

On April 10, Hoyoverse released our first real glimpse at Kirara, noting her Vision Element, employment, and Constellation. And although it’s pretty slim in news aside from building up hype about a new character, this does reveal more than you would expect. After all, in the last two updates, we got around two new characters to drop. While we can’t expect Genshin to overinflate their roster, only seeing Kirara as the newest character is quite a shock. 

The last trends we saw were Dehya and Mika, with Baizhu and Kaveh on the upcoming banner. With only Kirara being revealed thus far, this can only indicate that in 3.7, we are going to be seeing nothing but reruns. And this may not only be for 3.7, but 3.8 as well. Until Hoyoverse is ready to reveal Fontaine, we may not see new Five-Star Character Banners until they are ready to progress the story to the next region. 

On one hand, this gives new players plenty of time to catch up on the story and collect on characters they may have missed in their initial banner. After all, Primogems don’t exactly come easily in Genshin Impact, especially with their pity for banners guaranteeing 90 wishes. Some can only be so lucky to get it before then, but I’ve most certainly been on the receiving end of being checked over until the magic number of 90. Thanks, Kokomi. I still love you. 

But for veteran players, this does look like we’re returning to another stale run of Character Banners. At least there’s some time to get weapons and save up for the run of Fontaine characters coming in 4.0.

3.7 Banner Leaks and Speculations

Regardless of the Character Banners, we can be sure to count on Hoyoverse to keep up the events to keep us plenty busy anyhow during the summer. Last year, there was a new version of the Golden Apple Archipelago, so we may just see that this year too! For players who are counting on a Eula rerun, maybe don’t get your hopes up too quickly… It’s okay, I miss her too.

In no specific order of who will run with who, the characters we will see return to the stage are Yoimiya, Alhaitham, Kazuha, and Yae Miko with Kirara as a Four-Star Dendro Sword running alongside one of these two suspected banners. Along with the banners, it’s suspected that Yoimiya will be receiving another Story Quest as well as a Kaveh Hangout, which is sure to be fun! Though why it couldn’t have been in 3.6 is lost on me.

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So, how do you feel about the upcoming banners? Are you excited about Kirara? What Five-Star will you be gunning for in 3.7? Be sure to check out Kirara’s Leaked Gameplay while we wait for further news about events in 3.7 and banner speculations for 3.8!

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