Screencapped from SipSipStefen Kirara Proper Animations Footage

All Genshin Impact Kirara Gameplay and Animations Leaked

Solid Snake looking a little… Nya

Would you believe it? It’s only been 48 hours and the Hoyoverse community has already got their hands on Genshin Impact’s newest character, Kirara. Gameplay and animations have been leaked, and let me tell you, folks, she’s absolutely adorable. I didn’t see a reason to pull for her before, but the devs have done it again. 

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Taking a Look at Kirara’s Leaked Gameplay Thus Far

Not only do we get to see her idles, but leakers have also got their hands on her Elemental Skill and Burst. There is certainly one thing that confuses me most of all though… Why does she turn into a box?!

In Kirara’s Elemental Skill, you can either Tap or Hold for different effects; one of which being that Kirara will tuck into her delivery box and scatter about the battlefield. This will still trigger her shield to come into play so that her team is protected. In her Elemental Burst, she scatters a bunch of cat heads onto the field to help trigger Dendro Damage. Her kit resembles something like Alloy’s in all honesty! Our space-time traveler, however, had a mix of Venti’s and Klee’s kits. 

With Kirara, you can use her Elemental Burst to start off a combination of Dendro mix-ups and take advantage of her shield and delivery box form to hopefully evade the threat of enemies.

What is Kirara’s Weapon?

I don’t know about you, but in the past few days, I’ve seen several versions of the same Beta footage, and yet… It’s kind of confusing. What weapon is she meant to be wielding?!

We’ve seen both a Bow version and a Sword Version of the same video, but upon release, Kirara will be a Sword User. Some of the best weapons that are going to go hand-in-hand with her abilities are swords that are based on HP Percentage and Elemental Mastery. Since her shield will likely be based on her HP and with her Elemental Burst, the drops of Dendro cats onto the field will likely give players a chance to start off many changes for Dendro Elemental Match-ups such as Bloom, Quicken, Aggravate, and Burning.

During her speculation, she was rumored to be a Five-Star Geo Bow-User, but that role has now been passed onto another character. Still hailing from Liyue, Kirara’s idles revolve around her being a delivery girl, seen playing with boxes and summoning them. Although she appears in all likeliness to be a cat, she doesn’t play with her ears in the above animations from what we know so far, but she got that Nya-Pose down pat!

At first, I really wasn’t sold on Kirara since there have been so many Dendro characters released, but I think Hoyoverse got me when she turned into a box. What do you think? Are you hyped?

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Due to this news being based on leaks from the Genshin Impact community, the theories presented in this article should be treated as speculation and can be subject to change.

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