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Sniper Elite 3 Guide and Walkthrough – Complete All Optional Objectives

by Prima Games Staff

Sniper Elite 3 is a stealth game through and through. Even if you wanted to go in guns blazing, the lack of ammunition ensures you play the game the way Rebellion Oxford intended. Each mission is set up so players approach as they see fit, and optional objectives add just the right amount of variety to an already enjoyable sniping experience.

Our walkthrough and guide will not only cover each primary objective, but also all of the optional objectives. We’ll give you tips on how to carry out your mission with the precision expected of a sharpshooter. Whether shooting out the engine block of an artillery truck or masking the sound of your rifle with the roar of a generator, your enemies won’t know you’re there until it’s too late.

Mission 1: Siege of Tobruk – Killed 8 Enemies Using Stealth Takedowns

In the first mission of the game, main protagonist Karl Fairburne enjoys some alone time with his rifle when he’s called to action. Our walkthrough will guide you step-by-step through every single objective, including how to destroy the heavy artillery and kill eight enemies using stealth takedowns. Lastly, by completing this mission, players will unlock The Gazala Gallop, a trophy and achievement for finishing Mission 1: Siege of Tobruk.

Mission 2: Gaberoun – Ambush and Kill the General

Mission 2 is much longer and far more difficult than the first. Luckily, we spent a great deal of time wandering around the cliffs surrounding this map, finding great sniping opportunities while still completing all of the primary and optional objectives. Whether you’re having a hard time trying to ambush or kill the General, or you aren’t sure how to eliminate the officer from the sniper’s nest, we have you covered. Finally, by completing this level players will unlock Wonderwall, a trophy and achievement for finishing Mission 2: Gaberoun.

Mission 3: Halfaya Pass – Kill General Hoesslein and Destroy the Tank

The third mission in Sniper Elite 3 continues the trend of being longer than the previous ones. The map is massive and the objectives are spread out, making the optional ones hard to find. Our walkthrough will not only guide you to completing the mission, we’ll also help you knock off every single optional objective, including sabotage the motorpool and disrupt communications. We’ll even make sure you have located and killed General Hosselein. If you’re having any problems at all on this mission, step inside and let us guide you through it, unlocking the Through the Fire trophy and achievement for completing Mission 3: Halfaya Pass.

Mission 4: Fort Rifugio – Assassinate the Officer

The game’s fourth mission can be quite long if you decide to spend a lot of time exploring. Or, it can be quite short if you know exactly where to go and what to do. Our goal is to give you a streamlined path, allowing you to complete all primary and optional objectives, but not waste any time. Like a true stealth warrior, get in and get out with our step by step guide. Whether you need to locate the informant’s cell or assassinate the officer as he drives past the Fort, we’ve got you covered.

Mission 5: Siwa Oasis – Kill the Officer and Make it Look Like an Accident

For those of you who may have watched the movie Black Hawk Down, the terrain in this mission will remind you of that film. Our guide will show you the easiest way to sneak into the old city, as well as some key sniper nests to help you clear out all the enemy soldiers to complete your objective. Finally, once you identify the officer, we’ll guide you through how you can kill him and make it look like an accident for your final optional objective.

Mission 6: Kasserine Pass – Destroy the Tiger Tank

For this mission, we went out of our way to have some fun and lay some traps. Whether it was for infantry, Half-Tracks or trucks, we set various types of mines all over this map. The result was a much smaller infantry force than expected. Let our guide show you some key places to lay traps, taking out numerous enemies before they can even put their boots on the ground. At the end, we’ll show you how to destroy the Tiger tank and unlock the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Ratte trophy and achievement.

Mission 7: Pont Du Fahs Airfield – Release the Prisoners

As the title suggests, the seventh mission takes place at an airfield, and allows for some intense sniping action. There are four optional objectives, including kill the radio operator, destroy the bomb dumps, kill all operators in the control tower and release the prisoners. We’ll even show you the best location to protect the LDRG from the sniper nest. Regardless of what trouble you’re having with this mission, our guide can get you through the tough parts and on to the final mission of the game.

Mission 8: Ratte Factory – Kill General Vahlen – Game Ending

The final mission of Sniper Elite 3 takes place in a canyon that houses the Ratte Factory. Your job is to infiltrate the factory and put a stop to the development of the German super tank. Our walkthrough will not only show you how to set charges on the support pillars around the Ratte, we’ll also show you how to collect German advanced weapon plans and kill General Vahlalen. This is the final mission of the campaign, so once you’re done it will be time to go collectible hunting. See you there.

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