Wolfenstein: The New Order Walkthrough and Guide – Beat Deathshead, the London Monitor

A guide to each chapter, including the Escape from Wolfenstein Castle Easter Egg.

Wolfenstein: The New Order Walkthrough and Guide – Beat Deathshead, the London Monitor

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With Wolfenstein: The New Order now available on all major platforms, gamers should be jumping into the action as William “B.J.” Blazkowicz. Throwing a twist into how World War II actually played out, the team at Bethesda Softworks have produced what is perhaps one of the best campaigns since The Last of Us in 2013.

Since anyone who picks up this game is bound to get stuck at some point, we at Prima Games wanted to put together this free walkthrough, helping you keep the good times rolling as you fight the Nazi regime. After reading our chapter by chapter guides, find out about the old blood walkthrough and collectibles HERE

Chapter 1 – Deathshead’s Compound – Choose Between Fergus and Wyatt

In what could be the longest prologue we’ve played in the last few years, Wolfenstein wastes no time in getting you into the action. Playing as William “B.J.” Blazkowicz, players will be faced to choose between two main characters, Fergus Reid and Probst Wyatt. Read our walkthrough before deciding which of the two you want to spare.

Chapter 2 – Asylum – Kill the Commanders and Save Anya from Keller

In a chapter filled with story building cut scenes, rush through the asylum to kill the Commanders and save Anya from being kidnapped by Keller. We’ll show you how to open the main doors, as well as how to take down the drones that attack you as you make your getaway.

Chapter 3 – A New World – Survive Engel’s Interrogation on the Train to Berlin

This chapter features several Commanders, each that can be taken down with stealth if you make all the right moves. Follow our guide to find out how to defeat them, along with the two giant robots near the end. Finally, see how we managed to survive Engel’s interrogation on the train to Berlin.

Chapter 4 – Eisenwald Prison – Free Fergus and Find the Coal Loader Room Key

While the first part of this chapter is all about stealth, we’ll also show you where to find the Laser Cutter, and how you can charge it up for use in Eisenwald Prison. Take down the Commanders and find the key to get into the Coal Loader Room before freeing Fergus Reid and making your escape.

Chapter 5 – A New Home – Find the Project Whisper Folder in Max’s Room

This chapter presents your first real break in the action, but can still be tricky if you don’t know where to look for the pieces of the puzzle. We’ll show you where to find the Project Whisper file, as well as where to pick up the crowbar needed to pull it from the wall.

Chapter 6 – London Nautica – Defeat the Giant Robot

London Nautica features a decent amount of stealth mixed with some in-your-face violence. It even has opportunities for players to choose their approach. We show you how to best handle each situation and even the benefits of the Automatic Shogun. As if you needed an explanation.

Chapter 7 – A Mystery – Unlock the Escape from Castle Wolfenstein Easter Egg

This chapter (along with one or two others) gives players an opportunity to step back in time with the Escape from Castle Wolfenstein Easter egg. While it does resemble the 3D versions of the game that came later on, this bit of history will leave long time fans very satisfied.

Chapter 8 – Camp Belica – Learn How to Break the Cement Mixer

For the most part, this chapter is all stealth, yet maintains a good pace that won’t leave action junkies feeling bored. You get plenty of work done with your knife, but before you do, we’ll show you how to break the cement mixer to get into the camp in the first place.

Chapter 9 – New Tactics – Find Anne’s Wedding Ring

The main objective of this mission is the easy part. Of course, we show you how to complete it but we also show you how to complete the side mission of finding Anne’s wedding ring, along with a cool dream sequence that you won’t want to miss out on.

Chapter 10 – Berlin Catacombs – Navigate the Tunnel Glider

The first half of this mission is all about not getting lost, while the second half focuses on a little bit of stealth game play. Not only do we show you the way through the catacombs, we also show you where you can snag a Gold Snake on your travels. Trust us, you’ll want to pick this one up.

Chapter 11 – U-Boat – Learn How to Access the Secret Vault

There’s just something fantastic about turning Blazkowicz loose with his knife. Not only do we put that to good use in this chapter, we also bust out the Automatic Shotgun for some close quarters mayhem. Of course if you’re here to find out how to access the secret vault, we’ve got you covered there as well.

Chapter 12 – Gibraltar Bridge – Take Down the Giant Robots

Giant robots are nothing new in this game, but our method of dispatching them is. Not only do we find an effective way to deal with these armored beasts, we manage to do it using their own weapons. As cool as that is, the hardest part about this chapter is not falling off the bridge. Follow our guide so you don’t make the same mistakes we did.

Chapter 13 – Lunar Base – Steal the Nuclear Keycodes

This is one of several chapters in the game that can take about an hour to complete. It’s also a great one for getting stealth kills. Our guide will show you how to take down several Commanders using alternate routes, as well as defeat the giant robots so you can catch your ride back home.

Chapter 14 – Return to London Nautica – Defeat the London Monitor

The first part of the chapter is all about standard combat and looting everything in sight. The second half is all about defeating the London Monitor, a gigantic robot that can be taken down with the right formula. We’ll show you were to hide from it, and how to take it down quickly and efficiently.

Chapter 15 – Under Attack – Save Fergus and Caroline from Engel

This is one of the shorter missions, but players will see a lot of plot developments, including Max Haas in beast mode. We’ll show you how to get back to the hideout where Anya, Caroline, Tekla and Fergus are all hiding, and how to get to them once you arrive.

Chapter 16 – Return to Deathshead’s Compound – Defeat Deathshead

The final chapter definitely lives up to expectations, featuring several giant robots and two boss fights at the end. We’ll show you how to power your way through the first part of the mission, then end Wyatt’s suffering by taking down the Prototype Robot. Finally, we’ll show you exactly how to beat the final boss and defeat Deathshead once and for all.


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