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Dying Light Walkthrough, Mission Guide, Tips and Collectibles

by Prima Games Staff

This will serve as the main mission walkthrough and guide for Dying Light, a survivor horror game developed by Techland and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It will be available to players in North America on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC starting on January 27, 2015. Gamers in Australia can download or purchase the title on January 28, 2015, with Europe and Japan wrapping up the game’s launch on January 30, 2015.

In Dying Light, players will assume the role of Kyle Crane (Roger Craig Smith), an undercover operative for the GRE (Global Relief Effort) that is sent to the isolated city of Harran, Turkey to gather intelligence on the outbreak, and see what (if anything) can be done about it.

Players who venture into the world of Dying Light are in for a challenging experience, as they will have to master both combat and free running as a way to survive the tough days and terrifying nights. By earning experience and developing their skills across three important categories, gamers improve Mr. Crane’s chances of survival, something that will be essential if he hopes to take out his foes and help like minded survivors.

To get started, have a look at some tips that we came up with. We endured many frightening moments (as well as a couple of deaths) to develop these. Use them to avoid making the same mistakes we did.

  • Fitness and Stamina are not the same thing. Fitness refers to free running endurance, while Stamina is tied into how tired Kyle gets during combat. If Kyle is low on Stamina players can always run away, as the Fitness level is completely separate.
  • Safe Zones will appear as either green or red houses on the map, although the building’s themselves vary in structure. If the map icon is red, gamers need to clear and secure the area, turning the icon green. Green means good to go.
  • Kyle Crane can earn skill points in three categories, those being Survivor, Agility and Power. While ranking up the Survivor skill will eventually allow players to buy firearms, Agility and Power are tied to Fitness and Stamina respectively.
  • Ranking up the three skill types is achieved by participating in related activities. For example, successful free running will help to level the Agility skill, while combat against the infected will help with the Power skill set.
  • Ranking up the Agility skill is one of the more challenging tasks in the game, but can be made easier by intentionally engaging in night pursuits, an activity that is terrifying, but can have big experience payoffs. Only the strong will survive.
  • Behind locked doors players will find some of the best places to loot, including emergency vehicles abandoned around Harran. Players can either craft lock picks, or visit the vendors in the Tower to see if they have some to spare.
  • As darkness falls over Harran players will have to worry about far more threatening enemies, such as the Virals and Volatiles. Turn Kyle’s flashlight off and watch the map to spot these foes and avoid their area of detection.

Dying Light Mission 1: Awakening – Find Gauze and Alcohol

Players can rest somewhat easier with the knowledge that they most likely won’t be eaten alive in the game’s first mission. The tutorial format will help Kyle learn how to free run, as well as introduce him to basic crafting and various NPCs.

Dying Light Mission 2: First Assignment – Kill Mr. Hammer

The second mission will once again take on the tone of a tutorial, but this one is much more of a live fire situation than the last time out. Players will need to set traps to prepare for a night mission, and the latter stages will see the introduction of Mr. Hammer.

Dying Light Mission 3: Airdrop – Escaping Volatiles and Virals

The training wheels come off in the third mission of the game when Crane is sent out to secure an airdrop containing Antizin from the GRE. However, things never go as they’re supposed to, and the mission will end in a night pursuit through the dark city.

Dying Light Mission 4: Pact with Rais – Bombers and Toads

Nothing that players have done to this point will prepare them for this mission. It’s a long one that can take up to (or in excess of) an hour, and it introduces new enemies in the form of Bombers and Toads. On the upside, guns are introduced as well.

Dying Light Mission 5: Siblings – Bolters and Saving Rahim

Just like the last mission, this one is a bit of a marathon, although the action will keep things moving along quite quickly. It’s also the first time that players will get a good look at a Bolter, easily the least threatening of all the undead foes in Dying Light.

Dying Light Mission 6: The Pit – Win the Demolisher Boss Fight

It’s an action-packed mission that will see Kyle Crane face some of his toughest challenges yet. Find a way into the Garrison, then survive the Arena to trigger the boss fight against the Demolisher. We have a trick to help bring this undead monster down.

Dying Light Mission 7: The Saviours – How to Locate Sector 0

After some fairly long missions players will be in for a treat with a few shorter tasks that progress them through to the next part of the game. This time out Crane is trying to reach Sector 0, but as players have learned, Rais is never far behind.

Dying Light Mission 8: Find the Embers – An Introduction to Troy

This is a short mission as well, but it offers players an opportunity to explore this new area and work on some of the side quests and adventures that might be availble. When Crane finally reaches the towers he’ll be introduced to Troy.

Dying Light Mission 9: Higher Education – Go Talk to Jade

Higher Education marks the end of the short missions, but this one is at the top of Kyle Crane’s priority list. He needs to locate and speak with Jade, but along the way we’ll show players a cool trick with zombie guts camouflage.

Dying Light Mission 10: Public Faces – Creepy Zombie Children

For those who thought that the enemies in Dying Light couldn’t get any more creepy, this mission will prove that theory wrong. Public Faces will see the introduction of a zombie child, as well as a sad face made with explosives.

Dying Light Mission 11: The Museum – Win the Tahir Boss Fight

It’s getting closer to the end of the game, and this mission does a nice job of changing the pace from undead enemies to primarily human. That means that Mr. Crane will definitely want to bring some guns and ammunition this time out.

Dying Light Mission 12: Broadcast – How to Kill Demolishers

Kyle Crane will be tested often in this mission, having to deal with several Demolishers as he tries to contact the outside world. We have just the tip to help players take this big galoot out, even with a melee weapon.

Dying Light Mission 13: The Clinic – Find Dr. Camden’s Lab

For those who know where they’re going, this mission can be over fairly quickly. Luckily, we know exactly where to go and what to do. Trust us and players will be in and out of Dr. Camden’s lab in no time at all.

Dying Light Mission 14: Extraction – Rais Boss Fight and Ending

The final mission of the game isn’t really that hard, but it does feature a farily chllenging climb, and the Rais boss fight. We’ll help you through both, finishing a campaign that surprised us at every turn.

This is a work in progress that will be updated daily until it’s complete.

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