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First released in 1987, the Final Fantasy series has become one of the most iconic game series of all time. Final Fantasy X-2 was the first game to feature an all-female main cast. Follow the adventures of Yuna, Rikku, and Paine to unlock the three ultimate endings!


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Final Fantasy X-2 takes place three years after the end of Final Fantasy X. Since the defeat of Sin, Yuna has joined a group of sphere hunters with Rikku and a mysterious woman named Paine. The main game is broken into 5 chapters, each with a variety of locations to visit and actions to undertake before being completed.

Final Fantasy X-2 also has a total of three endings and the only way to view all three is to earn 100% story completion. Accomplishing this means meeting specific requirements in each chapter that add to the overall completion % and this is where we come in. In order to avoid spoilers as much as possible we've compiled a guide to help you achieve 100% story completion on your first attempt.


Luca - 1.6% (1.6/100%)

- Speak with the moogle hiding on the second dock while chasing the impostor
- Complete the mission by retrieving the Garment Grid

Celsius - 1.8% (3.4/100%)

- Speak with Brother, Shinra, Paine and Rikku while on the bridge of the ship
- Speak to the Hypello Barkeep in the cabin area
- Rest in your cabin
- View the "Journey's Start" Treasure Sphere

Mt.Gagazet And Floating Ruins - 3.2% (6.6/100%)

- Reach the top of the Floating Ruins within the time limit
- Complete the mission by defeating Leblanc
- Back on the Celsius after the mission, speak with Brother and choose to "Comfort him"

Luca - 1.6% (8.2/100%)

- Complete the mission by reviewing the events of your previous visit
- Speak with Rin and learn how to play Sphere Break

Mi'ihen Highroad and Mushroom Rock - 4.8% (13/100%)

- Enter the Highroad for a bonus scene
- Speak with all the Youth League members, including Yaibal
- Speak with Clasko
- Enter Mushroom Rock and take on the "Foggy Fiend Frenzy!" mission
- Complete the mission by reaching the Youth League Headquarters
- Speak with Clasko and allow him to board the Celsius
- Speak with Lucil twice outside the Headquarters
- Listen to all of Maechen's story without skipping or interrupting a thing and shake his hand when he finishes
- Follow Logos and Ormi to the Den of Woe and retrieve the sphere, speak to Maroda while there
- View the "Crimson Report 1" Treasure Sphere on board the Celsius
- Speak to Clasko on board the Celsius

Djose Temple - 1% (14/100%)

- Wait in line at the tent outside the temple then speak with Gippal

The Moonflow and Guadosalam - 0.6% (14.6/100%)

- Speak with Tobli to begin "Shave the Hypello"
- Complete the mission without losing any cargo

Guadosalam - 0.4% (15/100%)

- Head to the entrance to the Farplane for a bonus scene

The Thunder Plains - 0.2% (15.2/100%)

- Enter the Thunder Plains for a bonus scene

Macalania Woods - 2.2% (17.4/100%)

- Speak with Bayra, Donga and Pukutak
- Speak with Tromell four separate times
- Complete "Follow That O'aka!" and allow O'aka to come on board the Celsius
- Speak with O'aka on board the Celsius
- You must pay off O'aka's debt in full before Chapter 3 to earn the full %. Complete the transaction for the data peddler in Guadosalam for the easiest route.

Bikanel Desert - 0.8% (18.2/100%)

- Successfully complete your first dig

Bevelle - 0.6% (18.8/100%)

- Speak with Baralai

The Calm Lands - 0.2% (19/100%)

- Enter the Calm Lands for a bonus scene
- Choose which company to advertise for

Mt. Gagazet - 0.4% (19.4/100%)

- Enter Mt. Gagazet for a bonus scene

Isle of Besaid - 2.2% (21.6/100%)

- Complete the mission "Where's Wakka" on the island

Ruins of Zanarkand - 1.8% (23.4/100%)

- Reach the Zanarkand Dome and speak with Cid. When prompted, tell him "You bet I do!"
- Complete the mission by obtaining the Treasure Sphere

Celsius - 0.2% (23.6/100%)

- Listen to the reports of the "Awesome Sphere" in Kilika

Kilika - 1.6% (25.2/100%)

- Speak with Dona in Kilika
- Complete the mission (and chapter) by reaching the temple and defeating the boss


Celsius - 2.4% (27.6/100%)

- Rest in the cabin
- Speak to Brother and choose to return the Awesome Sphere to the Youth League

Mushroom Rock Road - 1% (28.6/100%)

- Give Nooj the Awesome Sphere.

Celsius - 0.6% (29.2/100%)

- Begin the mission to obtain the syndicate uniforms

Isle of Besaid - 0.8% (30/100%)

- Run the Gunner's Gauntlet and beat the required score

Kilika - 0.2% (30.2/100%)

- Speak with Dona and the other Kilika inhabitants

Luca - 0.8% (31/100%)

- Watch Shelinda's interview in the square

Mi'ihen Highroad - 1.4% (32.4/100%)

- Complete the mission by capturing a Chocobo and rescuing Calli within the time limit.
- Speak with Clasko and Calli and allow them all to board the Celsius

Mushroom Rock Road - 1% (33.4/100%)

- Speak to Lucil and Elma outside the Youth League Headquarters
- Speak with Nooj at the Den of Woe
- On board the Celsius, watch Crimson Report 7

The Moonflow - 0.2% (33.6/100%)

- Complete the mission by selling all 10 tickets

Guadosalam - 0.2 % (33.8/100%)

- Speak with the guards outside Leblanc's home

The Thunder Plains - 0.2% (34/100%)

- If you chose the correct response in Zanarkand in Chapter 1, find and speak with Cid.

Macalania Woods - 1.4% (35.4/100%)

- Complete the mission by finding all the musicians for the Hypello

The Calm Lands - 0.8% (36.2/100%)

- Clasko leaves the airship if you allowed him to board earlier
- Complete the mission by clearing the fiends out of the Chocobo Ranch
- Capture a wild Chocobo (must complete by the end of Chapter 3)
- Speak to Lin and Ayde at the Travel Agency

Ruins of Zanarkand - 0.4% (36.6/100%)

- Speak with Isaaru
- Complete "Operation Monkey!" before the end of Chapter 3

Djose Temple - 0.4% (37/100%)

- Complete the mission by obtaining a Syndicate Uniform

Bikanel Desert - 0.2% 37.2/100%)

- Complete the mission by defeating Logos for a Syndicate Uniform

Mt. Gagazet - 1% (38.2/100%)

- Speak with Kimahri twice
- View the extended hot springs event by entering from the overhanging cliff (don't follow the Fem-Goons and instead keep climbing)
- Complete the mission by defeating Ormi for a Syndicate Uniform

Celsius - 0.2% (38.4/100%)

- Watch the Syndicate Uniforms being worn

Guadosalam - 3.4% (41.8/100%)

- Complete the mission by stealing the sphere back from Leblanc

Celsius - 0.4% (42.2/100%)

- Decide to head to Bevelle

Bevelle - 2.6% (44.8/100%)

- Complete the mission by infiltrating Bevelle and defeating Bahamut


Celsius - 0.8% (45.6/100%)

- After the opening scenes, rest in the cabin

Luca - 0.8% (46.4/100%)

- Win the Sphere Break Tournament

Mi'ihen Highroad - 0.6% (47/100%)

- Complete the mission by defeating the malfunctioning machina

Mushroom Rock Road - 0.4% (47.4/100%)

- Speak with Yaibal and Lucil

Djose Temple - 0.2% (47.6/100%)

- Approach the Djose Temple and view the scene

The Moonflow - 0.2% (47.8/100%)

- Speak with Tobli

Guadosalam - 2% (49.8/100%)

- Speak with Logos and Ormi
- Speak with Leblanc
- Speak with Logos and Ormi a second time after talking with Leblanc
- Watch Ormi and Logos's spheres
- Speak with Maechen
- Obtain and watch Crimson Sphere 4

The Thunder Plains - 0.2% (50/100%)

- Speak with Lian and Ayde. When presented with an option, select Kilika

Macalania Woods - 0.8% (50.8/100%)

- Complete the mission by having paid O'aka's debt in full and defend the Travel Station

Bikanel Desert - 0.4% (51.2/100%)

- Enter the Cactuar Nation and speak with Marnela

The Calm Lands - 0.4% (51.6/100%)

- Complete the mission by rescuing the tourists
- Help install the CommSphere at the Travel Agency
- Help install the CommSphere at the Chocobo Ranch

Mt. Gagazet - 0.4% (52/100%)

- Complete the mission by defeating Garik and preventing war

Ruins of Zanarkand - 0.2% (52.2/100%)

- Speak with Isaaru
- Last chance to complete "Operation Monkey!"

Isle of Besaid - 2% (54.2/100%)

- Complete the mission by clearing the temple and defeating Valefor

Kilika - 1% (55.2/100%)

- Complete the mission by saving Barthello and defeating Ifrit

Celsius - 0.6% (55.8/100%)

- Watch the events unfold

Bevelle - 1.6% (57.4/100%)

- Notice Gippal from the Highbridge and Antechamber
- Head to the Bevelle Underground and witness the scene
- Obtain and watch Crimson Report 1

Djose Temple - 2.2% (59.6/100%)

- Complete the mission by clearing the temple and defeating Ixion
- During the events in the Farplane Abyss, after Yuna says, "I'm all alone..." Press X until you hear a whistle four times.


Celsius - 1.6% (61.4/100%)

- Watch Crimson Reports 2 and 3
- Rest in the cabin

Celsius CommSphere Network - 0.8% (62.2/100%)

- View the Besaid CommSphere and speak with Wakka
- View the Kilika CommSphere and speak with Dona
- View the Mushroom Rock Road CommSphere and speak with Yaibal
- View the Bevelle CommSphere and speak with Maroda

Celsius - 0.8% (63/100%)

- Speak with Paine on the deck

Celsius CommSphere Network - 4.4% (67.4/100%)

- View the Besaid CommSphere seven times to see all the scenes
- View the Kilika Temple CommSphere and speak with Barthello
- View the Luca CommSphere and watch each of Shelinda's interviews
- View the  Mi'ihen Highroad CommSphere and watch all of the scenes to gather the evidence that Rikku is the culprit
- View the Djose Temple CommSphere and watch the Al Bhed
- View the Guadosalam CommSphere and speak with Ormi
- View the Thunder Plains CommSphere and capture the Chocobo
- View the Macalania Woods Entrance CommSphere and watch the musicians
- View the Macalania Woods Travel Agency CommSphere and listen to O'aka
- View the Bikanel Desert CommSphere and speak with Nhadala
- View the Calm Lands Chocobo Ranch CommSphere several times until Clasko appears talking to a Chocobo
- View the Mt. Gagazet CommSphere and speak with Kimahri
- View the Mt. Gagazet Hot Springs CommSphere a total of fifteen times to see all the scenes

The Moonflow - 0.8% (68.2/100%)

- Complete the mission by chasing Tobli to Guadosalam

Celsius - 1% (69.2/100%)

- Rehearse the concert

Celsius CommSphere Network - 2.4% (71.6/100%)

- View the Besaid CommSphere scenes with Lulu and Beclem
- View the Kilika CommSphere scenes with Dona
- View the Kilika Temple CommSphere scenes with Barthello
- View the Mushroom Rock CommSphere scenes with Yaibal and Lucil
- View the Moonflow CommSphere scenes with Elma
- View the Guadosalam CommSphere scenes with Ormi
- View the Macalania Woods CommSphere scene with O'aka
- View the Zanarkand CommSphere scene with Isaaru

The Thunder Plains - 0.4% (72/100%)

- Complete the mission be clearing the cave and defeating Zalamander

Celsius - 1% (73/100%)

- Listen to the crowd's argument
- Talk to Tobli and begin the concert

The Thunder Plains 0.4% (73.4/100%)

- Enjoy the show

Celsius - 2.2% (75.6/100%)

- Speak with Maechen
- Speak with Leblanc


Celsius - 2% (77.6/100%)

- Watch Crimson Report 5
- Speak with Buddy
- Rest in the cabin
- Speak with Buddy after resting

Ruins of Zanarkand - 0.8% (79.4/100%)

- Visit to complete the episode
- Speak with Maechen and hear his final story

Isle of Besaid - 1.8% (80.2/100%)

- Visit to complete the episode

Kilika - 1% (81.2/100%)

- Visit to complete the episode

Luca - 0.6% (81.8/100%)

- Complete the mission by following the moogle and completing the episode

Mi'ihen Highroad - 0.2% (82/100%)

- Visit to complete the episode

Mushroom Rock Road - 3% (85/100%)

- Complete the mission by fighting with the Youth League and completing the episode
- Go to the Observation deck and speak with Lucil to receive Nooj's Sphere
- Watch the "Deathseeker" Treasure Sphere on board the Celsius
- Obtain all the Crimson Spheres and defeat the bosses in the Den of Woe

Djose Temple - 0.8% (85.8/100%)

- Defeat the Experiment while its Attack, Defense and Special levels are below 5
- Repair the Experiment and defeat it again when its Attack, Defense and Special levels are AT 5

The Moonflow - 0.4% (86.2/100%)

- Visit to complete the episode

Guadosalam - 1.2% (87.4/100%)

- Join the musical group and complete the episode
- Speak to Tromell and obtain Baralai's Sphere then watch it on board the Celsius

The Thunder Plains - 1% (88.4/100%)

- Complete the mission by defending the towers
- Enter the caves and defeat the Machina Panzer to complete the episode
- Speak to Cid aboard the Celsius
- After speaking with Cid, head to the bridge to view another scene

Macalania Woods - 0.6% (89/100%)

- Visit and view the scenes at both springs to complete the episode
- View the scene with O'aka and Wantz near the Travel Agency to complete another episode

Bikanel Desert - 1.2% (90.2/100%)

- Locate the gatekeepers and return them to the Cactuar Nation to clear the episode
- Defeat the Jumbo Cactuar in the Cactuar Hollow to complete another episode
- Defeat Angra Mainyu to complete another episode
- Once you've cleared the Cactuar Nation episodes, speak with Benzo

Bevelle - 1.8% (92/100%)

- Visit to complete the episode
- Enter Via Infinito. Explore and defeat the bosses to obtain Crimson Spheres 6 and 8
- Defeat Trema in Via Infinito to complete another episode

The Calm Lands - 0.4% (92.4/100%)

- After raising the publicity level of the company you chose in Chapter 1 to level 5, visit to complete the episode
- Dispatch all three levels of Chocobo and defeat the Anything Eater in the hidden dungeon to clear another episode

Mt. Gagazet - 1.2% (93.6/100%)

- Visit to complete the episode

Celsius - 0.6% (94.2/100%)

- After completing all episodes in each location, receive the Mascot dressphere
- Speak to Brother to leap into the Farplane

The Farplane - 0.8% - (95/100%)

- Advance into the Farplane and find Leblanc

Celsius - 1% (96/100%)

- After entering the Farplane, board the Celsius and speak with Shinra, Buddy, Brother and Cid.
- Return to the Celsius a second time from the Farplane and speak with Rikku

The Farplane - 4% (100/100%)

- Defeat Venagun
- Defeat Shuyin

During the ending scene, press X to hear whistling and when prompted by the Fayth select "Yes!" to view the well-earned perfect ending.


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