Final Fantasy X: How to Build the Ultimate Blitzball Team

A newly updated scouting guide to help you contract the best players for your Blitzball team

Final Fantasy X: How to Build the Ultimate Blitzball Team

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Once you’ve mastered the finer points of Blitzball, you’ll compete in the Blitzball tournament in Luca and move on to the Mi’Hen Highroad you gain full access to play Blitzball at nearly any save sphere, but there’s more to the game than just playing it.

There are over 50 Blitzball players in the world of Spira just waiting to be scouted and picked up to make the ultimate team. Every player has a contract with his or her team to play for a pre-determined amount of games and keeping an eye on that is the key to putting together the ultimate team.

Contract prices and lengths are ever changing but whenever a player’s contract expires you will be notified and all you have to do is track them down and negotiate a contract with them to add to your team.

So while we cannot tell you when to look for a given player, we can at least provide you the details of who’s-who in the world of Blitzball to help you decide who you want on your team. All the players will be listed with the teams they begin on though over the course of the game they will likely be recruited and signed to other teams as their contracts expire.

Use our (mostly) spoiler-free Final Fantasy X HD Remaster walkthough to help you on your journey through Spira!


All of the Aurochs players can be found in the Aurochs’s locker room in Luca

Wakka and Tidus’s team is a big old band of misfits. While most every player on the Aurochs begins with sub-par stats that make early games difficult, putting enough time in turns them into a group of well-rounded players.

Key Techniques: Venom Tackle, Drain Tackle, Venom Tackle 2
Strengths: Tidus has one of the better Shoot stats and this is complimented nicely by the incredible power of the Jecht Shot. He also has a respectable Endurance that allows him to break through several defenders at once if needed.
Weaknesses: Tidus is easily one of the worst defensive players in the game, capping out at a measly 19 Block at level 99 and his Attack is nothing to write home about either.

Key Techniques: Wither Shot, Anti-Venom, Wither Shot 2
Strengths: Datto begins with a strong endurance stat at lower levels and is great at breaking through defenders and getting the ball to your strong scoring players. As he levels, Datto also becomes one of the fastest swimmers in the game and gains a respectable shoot stat making him good at outpacing other players and rushing the opposing goal.
Weaknesses: At lower levels Datto’s stats are abysmal. An incredibly late bloomer, Datto tends to drag the team down until around level 50 making him quite an investment.

Key Techniques: Wither Tackle, Nap Pass, Venom Pass 3
Strengths: With a very strong pass stat, Letty is great at playing keep away with the opposing team once you’ve gotten a lead in points.
Weaknesses: None of Letty’s other stats are particularly impressive. As other Blitzball players gain levels and skill, Letty’s effectiveness at anything other than passing the ball dwindles quickly.

Key Techniques: Wither Tackle, Wither Tackle 2, Nap Tackle 2
Strengths: Early on Jassu has the makings of a decent defensive player with a good attack stat and reasonable passing, he’s good at grabbing the ball and getting it across the field to your forward players.
Weaknesses: Jassu’s defensive abilities are almost completely nullified if the opponent chooses not to break past him. At higher levels Jassu’s Endurance and Block stats begin to hold him back from true greatness

Key Techniques: Venom Shot, Venom Pass 2, Nap Tackle
Strengths: Another strong defensive choice early on, Botta starts with a good attack and modest block stat coupled with a high HP even at lower levels.
Weaknesses: Other than a good block stat Botta suffers as the available Blitzball players gain levels. His attack and endurance peak early and never reach the heights they need to.

Key Techniques: Super Goalie, Volley Shot, Anti-Wither
Strengths: At max level Keepa possesses an incredible 99 shoot stat, the highest in the game!
Weaknesses: A high shoot stat is unfortunately about all Keepa brings to the party and even that doesn’t start really growing until he hits level 90 and beyond. Even as the best goalie on the Aurochs, Keepa is still mediocre at best.

All of the Luca Goers can be found on Dock 3 in Luca

The Goers are almost the inverse of the Aurochs. Most of the players start with very high stats but by the highest levels they fall a bit behind. This makes taking them on in matches a difficult prospect but by the time their contracts begin to expire they may not be worth recruiting anymore.

Key Techniques: Wither Shot, Nap Pass, Anti-Nap
Strengths: Bickson comes with a high shot and endurance stat, making him great at breaking through other players to take his shot.
Weaknesses: Just about everything else. With a low attack and block, Bickson isn’t very helpful to the team unless he is holding the ball.

Key Techniques: Grip Gloves, Venom Tackle 2, Venom Shot 3
Strengths: Abus is the Goers’s other strong forward player. While he doesn’t have the highest shot it’s high enough in early games to grab an extra point or two.
Weaknesses: Like Bickson, Abus has very low stats for doing anything other than shooting and by level 30 will be outclassed by a majority of other Bliztball players.

Key Techniques: Venom Pass, Tackle Slip, Drain Tackle 2
Strengths: With strong stats across the board chances are if you need to get the ball somewhere, Graav can do it.
Weaknesses: Graav doesn’t have much of a focus in any one area which relegates him to a bit of a supporting role and like the rest of the Goers he lags behind a bit at higher levels.

Key Techniques: Wither Tackle, Nap tackle, Volley Shot
Strengths: Early on Doram’s attack and block rise quickly making her great at helping prevent goals.
Weaknesses: A very weak endurance means if Doram ever ends up holding the ball, she needs to pass it on quickly.

Key Techniques: Nap Tackle, Anti-Wither, Drain Tackle
Strengths: Balgerda has a strong attack and block stat and a respectable pass that makes her great at recovering the ball and moving it forward to your scoring players
Weaknesses: Even at level 99 Balgerda only has a shoot of 19 so if she ever moves too far away from your goal she is completely neutralized.

Key Techniques: Grip Gloves, Gamble, Tackle Slip 2
Strengths: One of the better goalies at lower levels, Raudy can be tough to score against with anything other than the Jecht Shot.
Weaknesses: Unfortunately that strong catch score is outclassed by level 20 and his other stats are nothing to write home about.

All of the Kilika Beasts can be found throughout Kilika

The middle ground between the Aurochs and the Goers, the Beasts have a well-rounded team with several players that become specialized nightmares at high levels

Key Techniques: Wither Shot, Anti-Nap, Tackle Slip 2
Strengths: The Beasts’s best forward out the gate, Larbeight is gifted with a high endurance and shot allowing him to simply break through most opponents
Weaknesses: Larbeight is of little use when not scoring goals with a poor attack, block and even pass stat.

Key Techniques: Wither Pass, Wither Tackle, Wither Tackle 2
Strengths: Another forward player with incredible endurance and a high shoot stat, Isken makes a fantastic backup player.
Weaknesses: Similar to Larbeight, Isken’s ability to stop the opponent is rather limited due to low attack and block stats.

Key Techniques: Wither Tackle, Nap Pass, Anti-Nap
Strengths: The all-around support of the team, Vuroja has a respectable attack and block stat coupled with a great pass to get the ball into scoring range
Weaknesses: Vuroja can take a while to really come into his own and even at higher levels his low shoot score can reduce your backup options to gain points

Key Techniques: Drain Tackle, Nap Pass, Venom Tackle 3
Strengths: Another Kilika Beast with strong passing ability, Kulukan is nearly unrivaled at getting the ball back and across the Blitball field.
Weaknesses: Kulukan is one of the few players from the Beasts that can lag at higher levels due to a low endurance and shooting ability.

Location: Inside Kilika Temple
Key Techniques: Venom Tackle, Wither Pass, Pile Wither
Strengths: Well-rounded stats give Deim the flexibility to either play the middle or defense, getting the ball and moving it to your forward players quickly.
Weaknesses: She caps quickly but unfortunately Deim never quite reaches some of the heights the other players do and she has one of the lowers shoot scores at level 99 with a measly 16.

Location: Inside Kilika Temple
Key Techniques: Venom Shot, Anti-Wither, Anti-Nap
Strengths: At higher levels Nizarut has one of the highest catch scores available and a decent set of supporting stats that make him passable in roles other than goalie
Weaknesses: It can take unti level 50+ for Nizarut’s stats to become anything worth noting and until then he has one of the lowest catch scores of any goalie.

All the Al Bhed Psyches players can be found on the airship once acquired.

The Psyches are arguably the toughest team to take on early in your blitzball career (it’s a wonder how the Aurochs got past them in the first tournament!). All of their players are specialized in one or two stats and it’s very hard to stop their momentum.

Key Techniques: Venom Tackle, Spin Ball, Volley Shot 3
Strengths: Good luck getting the ball or stopping a shot from Eigaar! From level 1 on he has an incredibly high endurance and shot making him the Psyches (or your) go-to player when it’s time to score
Weaknesses: Eigaar’s attack is very low, making it easy to break past him. His high endurance and block also cap out early and can leave him much more vulnerable at higher levels

Key Techniques: Elite Defense, Drain Tackle, Nap Shot
Strengths: Blappa is a tank with exceptional endurance, block and shot stats as well as a decent attack. Odds are he will get the ball and if he has it, odds are he will score.
Weaknesses: As players gain levels, Blappa’s attack and block even out quickly and while his endurance and shot grow consistently there are several other players who will pass him up by then.

Key Techniques: Venom Tackle, Wither Tackle 2, Elite Defense
Strengths: Another Psyches specialist with exceptional attack, pass and block designed to stop your forward players and get the ball back to the other side of the field.
Weaknesses: Berrik’s low endurance means getting the ball back isn’t particularly tough and his pass is the only stat that stays high as he levels.

Key Techniques: Anti-Nap, Wither Tackl, Anti-Wither
Strengths: Early on Judda is great at snagging the ball in Psyches goal territory and stays great at it even at higher levels
Weaknesses: As players gain levels, many of them will become much faster than Judda and be able to maneuver away from her with little difficulty somewhat negating her talents

Key Techniques: Venom Tackle, Nap Pass, Tackle Slip
Strengths: Much like Judda she is very talented at getting the ball back into the hands of her team.
Weaknesses: Also like Judda you may find Lakkam’s speed holding her back some late in your Blitzball career.

Key Techniques: Venom Tackle, Venom Tackle 2, Anti-Drain
Strengths: Nimrook is arguably the best goalie in the game with his catch starting and ending as the highest available. At higher levels his endurance is also very high making him a respectable defensive player should you move him away from the goal.
Weaknesses: All of Nimrook’s other stats are abysmal and his block grows slowly, putting him at the occasional disadvantage in the 40s as other players reach their prime.

All of the Rongo Fangs players can be found on Dock 4 in Luca

The Ronso Fangs are one of two teams of non-human players and have a unique set of stats. Ronso barely swim better than rocks and their team is significantly slower than other players but they all possess exceptional endurance and HP making them seem nearly unstoppable when they have the ball.

Basik Ronso
Key Techniques: Nap Shot, Venom Tackle, Invisible Shot
Strengths: Basik brings a strong shot score and a nearly impenetrable defense to the table with a whopping 17 endurance from level 1.
Weaknesses: Much of his Ronso power is diminished by his low speed, usually allowing for 3 or more opponents blocking him at once.

Argai Ronso
Key Techniques: Wither Tackle, Venom Pass 2, Anti-Drain
Strengths: Not as durable as Basik but with a better shoot score, Argai makes a great backup forward and brings a decent pass to the field just in case.
Weaknesses: One of the few Ronsos with little to no stopping ability, Argai isn’t likely to be stealing the ball back all that often.

Gazna Ronso
Key Techniques: Venom Pass, Drain Tackle, Volley Shot 2
Strengths: A very well-rounded player, Ganza is able to snag the bliztball, hold onto it with high endurance and get it across the field with little difficulty
Weaknesses: A lack of focus can cause him to be passed up by more specialized players at higher levels. Also, don’t ask him to shoot the ball because it never ends well.

Nuvy Ronso
Key Techniques: Venom Tackle, Volley Shot, Tackle Slip
Strengths: Nuvy Ronso’s high attack makes her tough to get past and her very good endurance makes getting the ball back from her a tough prospect.
Weaknesses: Most of her other stats never really go anywhere and her block is on the low side for a defensive player meaning teamwork is a bit of a must.

Irga Ronso
Key Techniques: Pile Wither, Wither Tackle 3, Super Goalie
Strengths: Simply put, one of the best defenders available. Irgo Ronso’s attack, pass and block start out slightly higher than average and grow fairly fast making her great in the middle of the field or defending
Weaknesses: The trademark poor Ronso speed can cause issues against faster players, limiting Irga’s effectiveness in some matches.

Zamzi Ronso
Key Techniques: Spin Ball, Super Goalie, Invisible Shot
Strengths: With a decent catch stat, Zamzi is usually placed in the goalie position which neutralizes the impact of his slow speed
Weaknesses: Zamzi ends up with some of the lowest stats of all the Ronsos so his hopes of being anything other than a goalie are pretty nonexistent.

All of the Guado Glories can be found throughout Guadosalam

The Glories specialize in moving the ball around the field. Most of them possess exceptional speed, pass and shoot stats while their defenders have some of the highest block stats available. On the flip side most Guado players are physically frail and possess low attack and HP until levels 50+.

Giera Guado
Key Techniques: Venom Shot, Nap Shot, Pile Venom
Strengths: Good luck getting the ball from him! Early on, Giera Guado has a very high endurance, pass and shot making him almost impossible to stop without two or more players ganging up on him
Weaknesses: Giera may excel once he has the ball but his poor block and attack force him to rely on his teammates to get the ball to him.

Zazi Guado
Key Techniques: Anti-Venom, Wither Shot 2, Anti-Venom 2
Strengths: Zazi Guado is an offensive powerhouse with a strong shot and endurance, allowing him to bypass most defenders with little struggle.
Weaknesses: Being a Guado, Zazi has a hard time getting the ball from other players and his poor HP at lower levels makes him very susceptible to poison.

Navara Guado
Key Techniques: Drain Tackle, Super Goalie, Nap Tackle 2
Strengths: Navi Guado has one of the highest overall stat lines of any player and in a pinch can fill any role but goalie, even having the highest speed out of all the Guado Glories.
Weaknesses: At lower levels, Navi Guado has a hard time doing much beyond moving the ball around the field and even with his stats as good as they are he will never be a scoring superstar.

Auda Guado
Key Techniques: Anti-Venom, Anti-Nap, Anti-Wither
Strengths: When it comes to blocking passes and shots, Auda Guado is among the top. She also comes packing a strong pass stat to get the ball to the scoring players when she snags it.
Weaknesses: The typical low endurance of the Guados is very evident in a defensive player as Auda is not able to take very many hits in a conflict before dropping the ball.

Pah Guado
Key Techniques: Drain Tackle, Venom Tackle 2, Gamble
Strengths: Pah Guado is similar to Auda with a strong block stat and backs it up even more with a great attack rounding out her defensive abilities.
Weaknesses: Having the lowest endurance of all the Glories and ranking among the lowest in the game, Pah can have a very hard time keeping hold of the ball against strong opponents.

Noy Guado
Key Techniques: Anti-Nap, Wither Pass 2, Elite Defense
Strengths: Noy Guado starts with a good catch stat that grows quickly and couples well with the high block stats of his teammates.
Weaknesses: Without strong defense, Noy can have a hard time at high levels as his catch caps out early and his other stats are on the very low end of the scale.


There are 24 additional Blitzball players throughout Spira that are not signed to any teams and most of them possess either incredible stats or rare and useful techniques that make them well worth hunting down and recruiting. Many are also in locations that will require the use of the airship later in the story to reach.

Location: Biggs stands at the entrance to the Luca Blitzball stadium next to Wedge
Key Techniques: Wither Shot, Nap Tackle 2, Spin Ball
Strengths: From start to finish, Biggs makes a respectable mid field and forward player with high endurance and mid-to-high shot.
Weaknesses: Biggs is a little slower than most players and has a lower attack and block which forces him to close in to the goal before being passed to.

Location: Brother is the airship’s pilot and can be found on the bridge
Key Techniques: Wither Tackle 2, Nap Tackle, Sphere Shot
Strengths: Brother has the highest speed and HP of all Blitzball players, making him a beast at moving the ball around the field.
Weaknesses: As good as he is at getting in close to the goal, Brother’s endurance and shoot are not quite as strong so he needs to have a clear path to be effective.

Location: The Calm Lands Gorge
Key Techniques: Nap Pass 2, Nap Pass, Anti-Nap.
Strengths: Depending on your team’s levels by the time you reach the Calm Lands, Durren makes a respectable goalie with a decent catch stat.
Weaknesses: It is in no way an exaggeration to say that Durren is the worst Blitzball player in Spira. At level 99, not a single one of his stats sans speed and HP are higher than 33! The main reason to sign him is that once you’ve begun your final assault on Sin he disappears, making him impossible to recruit past that point.

Location: Luca Seaport
Key Techniques: Spin Ball, Tackle Slip, Tackle Slip 2
Strengths: If you need an early goalie, Jumal is your man. His catch stat starts out incredibly high and at higher levels he gains a good pass allowing him to fill a mid field role as well.
Weaknesses: Most of Jumal’s other stats are embarrassingly low and unfortunately by level 30 his catch will no longer be up to snuff against the stronger scoring players, forcing him to take a back seat.

Location: On the deck of the S.S. Winno
Key Techniques: Wither Shot, Sphere Shot, Volley Shot 2
Strengths: Kiyuri brings solid mid-field stats to the game with a respectable endurance, pass and attack all rising up to 60+ at higher levels.
Weaknesses: Much like the Besaid Aurochs, Kiyuri requires a significant investment to get the most out of her stats and by the time you can sign her she will likely have a lot of work to be done to catch up.

Location: Djose Temple
Key Techniques: Venom Pass, Volley Shot, Nap Tackle 2
Strengths: Quick and powerful, Kyou makes a great defensive player who can get the ball, hold onto it and lob it across the field easily. Even better is that Kyou can be recruited early on and can make a huge impact on your early Blitzball games
Weaknesses: Kyou’s HP and block lag behind in the early levels and can make it tough for him to go against teams like the Glories who have high pass and shot scores.

Location: The Frozen Road at Macalania Temple
Key Techniques: Nap Shot, Nap tackle, Drain Tackle
Strengths: Linna has many of the trademark Al Bhed traits with a high shot and pass. Additionally, she has strong attack and block scores that allow her easily get her hands on the ball
Weaknesses: At level 99 Linna has a measly 27 endurance, one of the lowest in the game. This makes her very vulnerable if she gets into a conflict with more than one opponent.

Location: Kilika Temple
Key Techniques: Anti-Drain, Drain Tackle, Pile Venom
Strengths: For an older player, Mep possesses an incredibly high block from the get-go and his shot grows fairly quickly as he levels
Weakness: Unfortunately his age does have a few drawbacks as his block caps out very low and past level 50 it actually starts to decrease and his other stats never really grow high enough to compensate.

Location: Thunder Plains Travel Agency
Key Techniques: Nap Pass, Super Goalie, Wither Tackle
Strengths: If you haven’t played much Blitzball up to the point you can recruit her, Mifurey is well-rounded and can fit into just about any slot you need.
Weaknesses: Without any real focus to her stats, Mifurey gets left behind at level 20+ by some of the focused players that are available elsewhere.

Location: North Shoopuf Wharf in the Moonflow
Key Techniques: Super Goalie, Gamble, Hi-Risk
Strengths: Miyu is a great backup or replacement goalie at low levels and can be found fairly early on with a catch stat that grows quickly.
Weaknesses: At high levels, Miyu’s catch drops off and her pass, block and shot are some of the weakest in the game.

Location: The Calm Lands
Key Techniques: Wither Shot, Nap Tackle 2, Spin Ball
Strengths: A good pass and block makes Naida a solid mid field player.
Weaknesses: Unfortunately by the time she’s available to sign, you are likely to have much better developed players on your team.

Location: Dock 1 in Luca
Key Techniques: Volley Shot, Volley Shot 2, Anti-Wither
Strengths: With enough time investment, Nedus can be one of the best Blitzball forwards in Spira at level 99 with 99 speed and strong endurance and pass stats
Weaknesses: Getting Nedus up to speed is no small feat. Prior to level 60 his speed is the lowest in the game and he has terrible attack, pass and block stats. It’s up to you if you feel he is worth the investment.

Location: In the corridor of the airship
Key Techniques: Venom Pass, Anti-Venom, Venom Tackle
Strengths: If you haven’t taken the time to build up a reliable mid field player, Rin fits the bill just fine with a rounded set of stats that help him grab and hold onto the ball and move it to your forward players
Weaknesses: None of Rin’s stats scream for him to be recruited and if you’ve put significant time into leveling up your Blitzball team, he will likely be outclassed by the time he’s available to sign.

Location: Mi’ihen Highroad Travel Agency
Key Techniques: Nap Tackle, Venom Pass, Anti-Venom 3
Strengths: One of the first free agents you encounter, Ropp is a great replacement mid field player for your team that can fill the role very well through most, if not all of your career.
Weaknesses: At high levels, Ropp’s only high stats are his pass and attack with other mid field players having reached or exceeded his skill by then.

Location: On the bridge at the Luca Harbor
Key Techniques: Wither Shot, Wither Pass, Venom Pass 2
Strengths: Shaami makes a great mid to high level forward player with one of the higher shot stats available and respectable endurance to help her hold the ball.
Weaknesses: At low levels it can be hard to justify fielding her with all-around low stats outside of her endurance and shot. Signing Shaami can mean a very large time and effort investment.

Location: Luca Cafe
Key Techniques: Venom Tackle 2, Anti-Venom, Pile Venom
Strengths: Shuu is more of a novelty player than a long-term investment. Since you can recruit her early she makes a decent forward player with decent endurance and shot stats.
Weaknesses: Her stats cap out low and she suffers from a strange anomaly where once she gains levels past 60 her shot begins decreasing.

Location: The Calm Lands
Key Techniques: Nap Shot, Venom Tackle 2, Regen
Strengths: High stats across the board put Svanda in place to fill nearly any role on your team, especially in the mid field position as her endurance and pass are exceptional
Weaknesses: At higher levels her attack, block and shot level out causing Svanda’s flexibility to diminish somewhat.

Location: The Kilika Docks
Key Techniques: Nap Tackle, Venom Tackle, Nap Tackle 2
Strengths: A strong mid field choice, Tatts has a very good endurance and pass coupled with speed that puts him up with the Guados at higher levels.
Weaknesses: By the time you can return to Kilika to recruit him it’s likely Tatts will have been passed up by other players and requiring a significant time investment to get the most out of him.

Location: Besaid Village
Key Techniques: Tackle Slip, Volley Shot, Anti-Venom 2
Strengths: Vilucha is the perfect example of looks being deceiving. Starting and ending with a high HP, endurance and shot, she is one of the best forward players you can field.
Weaknesses: As if to balance her specialization Vilucha’s attack, pass and block are quite low, limiting her flexibility in the middle of a match.

Location: Other than the party screen? On the bridge of the airship once acquired.
Key Techniques: Wither Shot, Drain Tackle, Tackle Slip
Strengths: As expected from the former captain of the Aurochs, Wakka has great endurance and shot along with a very unique skill. If you (or another team) have invested enough time in the original Aurochs, Wakka can potentially blast opposing goalkeepers with nigh unstoppable shots.
Weaknesses: It can take some time to train Wakka up with how late in the game he is available as a recruit and he is dependent on the original Aurochs team to be most effective.

Location: Wedge stands at the entrance to the Luca Blitzball stadium next to Biggs
Key Techniques: Nap Tackle, Wither Tackle, Anti-Venom
Strengths: Other than being half of the legendary Biggs/Wedge combo, Wedge starts at level 1 with an incredible shoot stat and solid endurance and once he hits level 90+ his catch shoots up among the highest of any player.
Weaknesses: Strong starting stats belie an odd anomaly, Wedge’s shot stat caps low at 21 by level 30 and 22 at level 50. Even stranger, past level 50 his shot drops slowly back down and relegates him to either retirement or a long haul to level 90.

Yuma Guado
Location: Guadosalam
Key Techniques: Venom Tackle, Nap Tackle 2, Anti-Wither
Strengths: If you are willing to put the time in, Yuma Guado makes a solid goalie with a decent catch stat
Weaknesses: Almost every other one of Yuma Guado’s stats is sub-par and she even lacks the trademark speed of the Guado.

Location: Luca Theater
Key Techniques: Anti-Venom, Venom Pass, Tackle Slip
Strengths: A great early recruit to the team, Zalitz has a very high attack and block right from the start and can help shore up the Aurochs’s rather meager defenses
Weaknesses: Zalitz is almost exclusively an early game player as his attack caps out early and he is just slow enough to have trouble at high levels with faster players

Zev Ronso
Location: Dock 5 in the Luca Harbor
Key Techniques: Volley Shot, Anti-Wither, Pile Venom
Strengths: Zev Ronso has the typical high endurance of the Ronso tribe with an added bonus: He’s not as slow! While he may lag behind other players his extra speed makes a big difference with that big Ronso frame.
Weaknesses: His shot caps out a little on the low side which forces him into either a mid field or defensive position at higher levels.

Congrats! You now have a Blitzball super team in Final Fantasy X!


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