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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Sequence 7: All is Fair in Politics – Protect Mrs. Disraeli, Kill the Earl of Cardigan

by Bryan Dawson

Sequence 7 of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, All is Fair in Politics, sees Jacob and Evie Frye taking on and eventually saving the Bank of England, while also dealing with the Prime Minister. Additionally, players will find the Sinopean Club, take down a sniper and defend the Disraelis.

Playing Politics

Head up to the roof of the building where the next waypoint is located. From the rooftop, use a Leap of Faith to drop into the haystack on the ground. Assassinate the nearby guard, then move over to the waypoint. Your next task is to spy on the Prime Minister, with an optional challenge of not killing any guards in the Sinopean Club.

Quickly head back to the haystack where you can spy on the Prime Minister without fear of being detected by the guards. If the Prime Minister moves out of range, leave the haystack and move within the yellow circle to continue spying. Keep a close eye on the guards and the Prime Minister. If any of them spot you, the memory will fail. It’s recommended you keep Eagle Vision active so you can watch the patrolling guards and move as necessary.

Once the Prime Minister’s conversation is over, tackle the spy as he leaves the area. Unfortunately a sniper takes out the spy, and it’s now your job to tackle the sniper. If you can avoid the sniper’s shots in the process, you’ll complete the optional challenge as well. Watch for the Triange (PS4) or Y (Xbox One) to appear, indicating when the sniper is about to fire. Head up to the rooftop and run after the sniper, tackling her as soon as you’re within range. Catching the sniper completes the memory.

The Bodyguard

Head up to the roof and stand on the ledge to begin this memory. Grapple over to the rooftop just north of the next waypoint, then activate Eagle Vision to determine the location of the police in the immediate area. Infiltrate the carriage at the waypoint once the police on patrol move away and the coast is clear.

Quickly grapple up near the roof of the southern building and assassinate the four attackers on the ledges. It’s easiest if you hang on the ledge below the attackers so you can score quick assassinations on each one. As soon as they’re down, head east and air assassinate one of the attackers below, then finish off the remaining attackers in the immediate area. Once the first two sets of attackers are down, head west to engage the next group. If you move fast enough you can keep the carriage above 50 percent health and complete the optional challenge as well.

Immediately get in the closest carriage and boost to catch up to the target carriage. As soon as you get close, hop on the roof, then hijack the carriage. If you can complete this task within one minute you will complete another optional challenge as well. Drive to a secure area (outside of the dangerous area marked by the red rectangle on the mini-map) to initiate a cut scene and complete the memory.

Driving Mrs. Disraeli

Once you begin the memory, head across the street and speak with the paper girl to distract the journalists and complete the optional challenge. Quickly run away to escape the journalists, then double back to reach the carriage, which is the next waypoint.

Drive to the next waypoint, but make sure you avoid the journalists along the way. If you encounter any journalists, you’ll need to boost in the carriage to escape them as quickly as possible. When you reach the waypoint, get out of the carriage and escort Mrs. Disraeli through the slum.

There are several thugs between your present location and the next waypoint where you must escort Mrs. Disraeli. You can’t venture too far from Mrs. Disraeli, but you can pause your escorting duties and clear out the thugs in the immediate area. If you wish to complete another optional challenge, do so by hiding around corners and whistling to get the attention of the thugs, then taking them down with cover assassinations.

Once you’ve escorted Mrs. Disraeli to the next few waypoints in the area, you’ll get to watch another short cut scene. Unfortunately Mrs. Disraeli’s dog gets taken and you have to travel to multiple waypoints in a short distance to catch up and return the dog. After another cut scene, you’ll need to flee the scene with Mrs. Disraeli in her carriage, then escort her back to 10 Downing Street to complete the memory.

Unbreaking the Bank

Follow Abberline, then head toward the counterfeiter. Activate Eagle Vision to locate your target, then wait for him to recruit two guards and follow him to his carriage. Hop in a nearby carriage and continue to tail him until the carriage stops.

Get out of your carriage and move toward your target. Activate Eagle Vision to determine where the printing plates are located. Head over to the building with the printing plates and enter through the open window on the north side. Assassinate the guard standing near the window and the second guard patrolling the nearby stairs, then move into the room to the south and burn the counterfeit money to complete the optional challenge.

Head down the stairs and assassinate the guard at the bottom, then steal the printing plates in the same room. Move on to the next waypoint, which is the Bank of England. Knock out (or kill) the policeman at the entrance to the bank to allow the civilians in and complete the next optional challenge, then head inside the bank. Grapple up to the roof and enter through the window on the north side.

Drop down to the floor and pick the lock to the nearby door for a short walk to the waypoint (with an item box nearby). If you don’t have your lockpicking skill high enough, you’ll have to go around and deal with the guards, and you won’t be able to get into the item box. Head back out the same way you came in and get a safe distance away from the bank, then head to the final waypoint of the memory to speak with Abberline.

Change of Plans

Your task is to track down the item box holding the documents. There are three item boxes in the restricted area, none of which have the documents. Unfortunately you have to search all three to continue on with your task.

If you wish to complete the optional challenge, make your way over to the fountain around the western corner of the restricted area. The item box here does not have the documents, but it does hold a nice schematic. Once you have a guard in sight, you can press R1 (PS4) or RB (Xbox One) to call in Henry as a distraction. Use it once and be ready to open the item box as soon as he drops the smoke bomb, then use it a second time just to complete the optional challenge.

To find the documents you’re looking for, head to the building on the southeast side of the restricted area. Drop down to the ground and assassinate the guard at the door, then head up the stairs inside. There’s a second guard on the ground floor, but you can sneak past him if you so choose.

Take out the guard in the room at the top of the stairs, then open the item box he’s guarding

Make your way over to the building around the northeast corner of the restricted area. This is where you’ll find the item box holding the documents you’re in search of. Sneak inside the window on the west side of the building and head down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, whistle to get the guard’s attention, then access the item box.

Now that you’ve checked all three item boxes, you need to kidnap a Templar to figure out where to go next. Move to the northwest building in the area to find an open window with a single Templar guard inside. This is the easiest Templar to kidnap. Simply jump into the window and kidnap him without having to worry about interference from other guards.

Head to the next waypoint and search the highlighted areas to figure out what happened to Henry. Speak to the girl on the sidewalk, then move to the next waypoint and activate Eagle Vision to follow the cart tracks. When you reach the end of the tracks, speak with the people at the markers, while avoiding the guards. Speak with the people until you reach the ladder that leads underground.

Follow the tunnel, killing guards as you go, until you reach the opening where you find Henry and three more guards. If you can kill two of the guards using the hanging barrels you’ll complete another optional challenge. However you decide to do it, take out the guards, open the item box in the corner, then free Henry and escort him out of the area.

This can be problematic because Henry likes to hang around the bad guys and he’s not particularly good at dodging. He’ll drop a smoke bomb to avoid the first group of enemies you come across, but once you get back up to ground level, use a knife to cut down the hanging barrels up the stairs to take out another group of enemies. When you move into the adjacent area, fight there until Evie notices a sniper on the roof, then grapple up to the roof and take her down before joining Henry back on the ground to finish off the remaining enemies. At this point Henry will finally run away again and you can complete the memory.

Motion to Impeach

Head up to the top of the building at the waypoint to begin this memory. Like the final memory in most other sequences, you have a primary target, as well as several optional objectives. Your primary target here is the Earl of Cardigan (marked with a purple skull). You can also kidnap the corrupt policeman who patrols the north side of the area and will give you easy access into parliament, or speak with the politician who will find the Earl of Cardigan for you and lead you right to him. The politician is located near the middle of the building, on the ground floor.

If you wish to speak with the politician, first you need to steal the password from the minister. He patrols the courtyard north of the main building. Get the password from him, then enter the main building through the balcony on the west side of the building. Kill the sole guard in the room, then speak with the politician.

Follow the politician to a doorway, killing guards as you go. Once you’re inside, assassinate the Earl of Cardigan, then escape the building and get to a safe distance to complete the sequence.

Sequence 8 is here, but first you need to clear at least three Boroughs in the game. You can also visit the free Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Walkthrough and Guide. If you need interactive maps and in-depth strategies, check out the Official eGuide.

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