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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Sequence 5: The Perils of Business – Solve St. Paul’s Puzzle, Assassinate Pearl Attaway

by Bryan Dawson

In Sequence 5 of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, players will climb the monument, solve St. Paul’s puzzle and examine the artifact. Later on, they will kill Lucy Thorne, assassinate Pearl Attaway and escape by train.

Friendly Competition

Speak to the woman at the waypoint to begin the mission. Drive the carriage to the next waypoint, and as you approach, the enemy carriage you’re after will flee and two more carriages will attack the other omnibus. To complete the optional challenge, take out the two carriages attacking the second omnibus first, then close in on your target. Once you get close enough, simply throw a knife at the driver of the carriage to take him out.

With the enemy down, head to the next waypoint, which is Millner’s storage yard. Your next task is to find a way to destroy the omnibuses. Head toward the next waypoint, which is located in enemy territory. From the safety of the railroad tracks east of the enemy territory, activate Eagle Vision to identify the cart of explosives in the middle of the courtyard.

You need to push the cart in the middle, which means moving to the north side of the cart in plain sight of the enemies. Move onto the roof of the southernmost building in the area and toss a hallucinogenic dart in the fire to take down a majority of the adversaries in this location.

Push the cart into position by the omnibuses. At this point, you need to ignite the explosives, but as soon as you do, you’ll only have 10 seconds to leave the immediate area. The easiest way to escape is to simply grapple to the building directly west. Be ready to move as soon as you ignite the explosives. After a short cut scene, the memory is complete.

Research and Deployment

The first waypoint for this memory is a moving carriage, so it’s best to use a carriage to reach it. Your task is to find Ned Wynert, who is being escorted by a police convoy. If you wish to complete the optional challenge, do not kill any policemen during this memory. The easiest way to free Ned without interacting with the police is to take a carriage of your own and block the two police carriages following Ned’s carriage. The police won’t move around the carriage, giving you plenty of time to move up behind Ned’s carriage and complete the task.

Your next task is to search the crates on the train, with an optional challenge of detaching the two reinforcement wagons. You need to quickly move to the front of the train you’re currently on, then jump across to the adjacent train. There are enemies on almost every train car (wagon), but whistling, using hallucinogenic darts and smoke bombs will allow you to make quick work of them. Detach the rear car and the enclosed car near the locomotive to complete the optional challenge, and search the crate just beyond the enclosed car to find what you’re looking for.

Once you have the loot, detach the cargo wagon (the one you’re on when you search the final crate), jump back to the previous train and prepare to defend Ned if you left enemies alive on the other train. If you took out all of the enemies, all you need to do is wait for the train to come to a halt and the memory is complete.

Survival of the Fittest

The waypoint that begins this mission is once again a moving carriage. When you catch up to it and begin the mission, you are tasked with reaching Millner’s contraband. If you wish to complete the optional challenge, you cannot touch the river water during this task. The easiest way to do this is to climb up on the bridge west of the contraband and wait for a ship that will pass close to the contraband ship. You can look at the routes of the ships to determine which line of ships to wait on. Once a ship running the correct route passes beneath you, drop down onto it and wait until it passes the contraband ship to jump across.

Your next task is to sabotage the contraband. If you can sabotage two at once you will complete another optional challenge. To sabotage the contraband, you need to ignite the small crates of explosives near the contraband. The explosives are littered all over the ships, so you won’t have an issue finding them. However, to complete the optional objective, set three crates of explosives on the makeshift wooden bridge between the two westernmost sets of contraband. Spread them out evenly on the bridge and ignite the middle crate of explosives to blow all three and take both sets of contraband in the explosion.

Once this task is complete, it’s time to assassinate Malcolm Millner (the next waypoint location). You can sneak over to him and use patience to clear a path to Millner, or you can run right up to him and start a fight. Simply focus on Millner (counter attacks from other enemies), and as soon as Millner goes down, you’ll watch a brief cut scene, then you can run from the remaining enemies as you head toward your next objective of locating Pearl Attaway.

You can forgo the ships and head back across the bridge to the north side of the Thames. When you reach the building Pearl is being held inside of (the next waypoint), go through a window entry point on the northwest corner of the building. Continue down the stairs in the southeast corner to initiate another cut scene, then it’s time to flee the scene. There’s a guard near the window you came in through, but if you quickly run up the stairs and back to the window, you can take out the guard before the others notice you. Move a safe distance away from the building to complete the memory.

Breaking News

As soon as the memory begins, head out the window and up to the rooftop. There are several item crates on the roof that contain voltaic bombs. Wait for Bell’s signal, then toss a voltaic bomb on the enemies below. When the group moves, move along with them and toss a second bomb when signaled again. If you run out of bombs, access another crate to get more.

After the third bomb is thrown you need to drop down and take care of the thugs by more traditional means. Once the thugs are down, follow Bell to his carriage, then drive to the telegraph station (the next waypoint). When you reach your destination, get out of the carriage and move down the underpass to the east. Use the carriages in the underpass to hide behind for a stealth approach. Throw a voltaic bomb at the two enemies ahead if you wish to complete the optional challenge, otherwise simply take them out however you wish.

When Bell heads inside the building, two enemies approach from the west. Stand near the western doorway and wait for the enemies (they’ll show up on your radar). As soon as they pass by, assassinate them to keep Bell safe. Bell then moves to the adjacent building where three more thugs attack. Defend Bell against two sets of thugs as he moves to the last position within the building to complete the memory.

The Lady with the Lamp

It’s time to help yet another historic figure, as Florence Nightingale needs your assistance. This time there’s a clock ticking down, giving you roughly eight minutes to complete your task. The first order of business is to locate the peddler. You have a decent amount of time, but you should still hurry. If there’s a carriage nearby, take it and go, otherwise run to the next waypoint.

When you reach the crowded area, activate Eagle Vision to locate the peddler you need to steal the goods from. If you wish to complete the optional challenge, do not kill the peddler in the process. Move over to the peddler’s location and wait for any nearby policemen to move before you sneak up behind him and steal the goods.

Hop in the nearby carriage and head to the next waypoint, which is the location of the pharmacist. As you arrive, some thugs are attacking the pharmacists, so make like an assassin and kill them. It’s imperative the pharmacist lives, so ignore enemies not directly attacking him.

Speak with the pharmacist once the enemies are down, then quickly hop in the closest carriage and follow the person who hijacked the pharmacist’s carriage. You need to continually boost in order to catch up to the carriage in time (you have one minute if you wish to complete the optional challenge), then quickly jump on the roof of your carriage (PS4 – L1, Xbox One – LB) and jump over to the other carriage (PS4 – R2, Xbox One – RT). Remove the driver and then steer the carriage into the asylum grounds and to the final waypoint. Complete all of this in under eight minutes to finish the memory.

A Room with a View

This memory begins on a rooftop. Start the memory, then drop down onto the ledge on the edge of the building, then grapple over to the monument ahead. Move around to the south side of the monument and wait for any policemen below to move away. Once the coast is clear, drop down and move toward the base of the monument.

You need to enter from the front in order to get below the wooden stand that sits above the base of the monument. There are policemen surrounding it, but they’re almost all looking away from where you need to go. Once the coast is clear for you to drop down to the ground, simply wait for the one policeman that patrols the front of the monument to look away, then quickly move around and under the wooden stand to reach your destination.

Examine the base, then sneak back out the way you came in and use the Rope Launcher to grapple to the top of the monument. Don’t worry too much if you get spotted, because the police will give up once you reach the top.

Head to the St. Paul’s Cathedral (the next waypoint) and drop into the haystack (from a zipline) east of the cathedral if you wish to complete the optional objective. When you arrive at St. Paul’s, activate Eagle Vision to spot the location where you can solve the puzzle.

To solve the puzzle, from the starting position, rotate the top gear to the left three times (PS4 – L2, Xbox One – LT). Move down one gear and rotate it left twice. Move down one more gear and rotate it right three times (PS4 – R2, Xbox One – RT). Move right one gear and rotate it left twice, then move up one gear and rotate it right four times. Move down to the bottom gear and rotate it left four times. If you mess up the rotations you can cancel out of it to reset the gear positions.

Note: The screen shot shows the positions of all the gears except the last one, which triggers the puzzle.

Head up to the top of the building to reach the next waypoint and head inside the tower. Examine the artifact and prepare to fight Lucy. The optional challenge during the fight is to counter all of her attacks. Every time she is pushed back a moderate distance, she will lunge forward with an attack. This is when you need to counter. However, if you aren’t confident in your ability to see the push back, simply tap the counter button (PS4 – Circle, Xbox One – B) after every combo attack. You won’t lose your combo count, but you’ll counter if Lucy happens to attack. Complete the battle to finish the memory, then pull the lever to open the hidden door and leave.

End of the Line

Head to the building where the vantage point is located (the next waypoint). Grapple to the roof and move to the entry point near the south side of the rooftop. Drop down to the beams below and move over to the vantage point. Your primary objective is to assassinate Pearl Attaway.

Activate Eagle Vision and move southeast to locate your target, as well as additional opportunities such as stealing the train blueprints from the Security Chief. You can also speak to the Train Conductor near the middle of the building on the bottom floor.

Speak to the conductor first, then head north to find the location of the blueprints so you can steal them. Don’t worry about being too stealthy here, as the guard directly outside the room where the plans are being held can be difficult to sneak around. Once you’re in the room, hide and wait for the other patrolling guard to walk around the corner, then take him out. Open the item box near the blueprints, then steal the prints.

Head back to the conductor and speak with him again. Move toward the northeast exit to find four more enemies. Use hallucinogenic darts to remove the four enemies, then head into the adjacent area and move south. Grapple up to the rafters as you approach the target to steal from. Wait until he moves up the stairs and into the crowd, then sneak up behind him and steal (or just kill him).

Grapple back up to the roof and keep moving south to find a unique kill opportunity. Take out the nearby sniper, then move to the waypoint to assassinate Pearl Attaway. With your objective complete, head north to the locomotive and escape to complete the sequence.

Continue the adventure with Sequence 6: A Run on the Bank, then return to the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Walkthrough and Guide. For complete strategies and interactive maps, get the Official Assassin’s Creed eGuide.

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