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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Sequence 2: A Simple Plan – Assassinate David Brewster

by Bryan Dawson

Sequence 2 of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate challenges players to kill David Brewster and then recover his piece of Eden. We’ll tell you where to find the key, speak to the captive and locate the secret lab entrance.

A Simple Plan

Whistle to get the attention of the guard directly ahead, then jump into the adjacent train car and Free Run down to the next guard. Take him out, then continue to the adjacent car and use two throwing knives to kill the next guard. Continue onto the next train car and climb up to the roof. Move forward until you reach the next set of train cars, then drop down and assassinate two more guards.

Keep moving down the train until you encounter another set of guards. Make quick work of them, then proceed further down the train. There’s an open car ahead that holds a item box. You can skip this car by heading up to the roof, but inside the item box you’ll find 101 pounds and more throwing knives. If you decide to collect the loot, watch out for the guard standing to the right of the lock box.

When you’re ready to move on, climb up to the roof of the train and continue toward the locomotive. Detach the locomotive to initiate a short cut scene, then wait for most of the guards to move away before you approach the train ahead. Move around to the right side of the train as you make your way toward the vantage point. The enemies are all along the left side of the area, so moving down the right side will limit your encounters significantly.

Climb up to the top of the vantage point to initiate another cut scene. Dive down into the hay below and kill the closest guard. Move north across the train tracks and kill the next guard, then Free Run up the ramp to the east and use the crane to reach the platform above. If you wish to complete the optional challenge, look east to see two guards standing below some hanging barrels. Move across the next set of train tracks and make your way due north of the guards. Climb up to the top to gain access to the hanging barrels and use a throwing knife to drop them on the unsuspecting guards below, taking you one step closer to completing the challenge.

Continue toward the waypoint and climb up onto the locomotive in the middle to reach the path above. Take down the guards as you come across them and climb up the wall to the east. While you can clearly see the open window where your target awaits, you can’t speak to him yet. Climb around to the left and onto the balcony. Circle around to the east and throw a smoke grenade to limit the vision of the guards in the next room. Assassinate both guards to initiate another cut scene.

Make your way through the door to the south, then head west and climb up the ladder to reach the roof. Run southwest across the Victorian rooftops as you head toward the next waypoint. If you enter the building through the rooftop you can move around to the northwest corner of the second floor to find another item box. Open the box to obtain throwing knives, a smoke bomb and 127 pounds.

Drop down to the bottom floor and take out one of the guards wearing the red top and grey pants (there are two of them). Loot the body to obtain the key you’re looking for. Head back up to the roof and continue toward the next waypoint. You’ll pass several hanging barrels if you would like to complete the optional challenge, otherwise continue to the far side of the area, toward the waypoint and head inside the building. Once inside you’ll find another hanging barrel that should complete the optional challenge.

Head to the far southwest side of the building and activate Eagle Vision to locate the hidden entrance to the lab. Drop down and take out the guard by the door, then head inside. Activate the elevator directly ahead. Depending on how many enemies you’ve taken out, you should have a skill point to use now. Unlock the Double Assassination skill because it’s going to be useful in the next area. You also won’t gain access to most other skills until you unlock Double Assassination.

Take out the guards with a Double Assassination as you move toward the ramp in the northwest corner. Head up the ramp and to the left, moving past the pipes on the walls. Kill the next two guards, then jump onto the large pipe and continue west. Move into the next room and follow the pipes until you reach the upper platform leading into the next room, initiating another cut scene.

Head west to find an opening to the left. Use the upper path, moving from lamps to beams to reach the far side of the room. Move east to get back to the room where Brewster is located, then climb onto the guard rail and continue up to higher ground so you can perform an air assassination and complete the optional challenge. Alternatively you can drop down and kill him normally.

After a brief cut scene, run toward each waypoint until you reach the end when you need to slide under the fallen rubble. Ignore any guards along the way as the electricity you’re running from will take them out. In this final section, slowly move through the debris, sliding and climbing until you’re out. As soon as you’re out of the area, the sequence concludes.

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