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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate London Stories – Charles Dickens Memories

by Bryan Dawson

Charles Dickens’ London Stories missions are unlocked once you complete Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Sequence 3: Somewhere That’s Green. You can begin the missions by heading to the “C” icon on the map.

Spring-Heeled Jack

  • Suggested Level: 4 

Head out of the pub as you move toward the first victim. When you arrive, speak with her, then quickly run to the second victim. If you move fast enough, you can take down Spring-Heeled Jack with an Air Assassination just as you arrive. Unfortunately you won’t kill him and he eventually escapes, but it’s the thought that counts. 

Take a closer look at the first footprint in the alley, then activate Eagle Vision to find the claw mark trail. When you reach the second claw mark, use the Rope Launcher to grapple up to the roof, then continue to follow the tracks. Grapple over to the rooftop where a Templar enemy is waiting, then take him down. Continue to zipline from rooftop to rooftop until you reach the Blighters’ house to the north.

To earn the bonus rewards from this memory, use the dynamite on the north side of the house to kill the nearby enemies , then head into the hidden entrance in the well on the east side of the house. Take out the three enemies here to complete the memory. 

Hell’s Bells

  • Suggested Level: 4

Make your way to Scotland Yard and enter through the window near the roof. Speak with the police officer near the jail cell and listen to what the prisoner has to say. As you head to the next waypoint, recruit as may Rooks as you can. This isn’t necessary, but it makes the next objective a little easier. 

When you reach the pawn shop, speak with the owner inside. When she makes a run for it, if you have a bunch of Rooks outside, she generally gets caught up there, making it easy for you to tackle her. Either way, chase after the owner and tackle her. 

Hijack a nearby carriage and head to the next waypoint on the map. Once you identify the buyer, make sure you stay far enough away to not be detected. Once the buyer heads out, grapple up to the roof and follow him. When it looks like he’s about to enter his carriage, drop down to the street and wait a moderate distance away until he enters. As soon as he hops into the carriage, jump on top as part of the optional objectives for this mission. 

Once you complete this optional task, make sure you jump off the carriage before it stops. If the buyer gets out of the carriage while you’re still on top, he will spot you and the memory will fail. When you reach the park, continue to follow the buyer. After his meeting, speak with the man he met to complete the memory. 


  • Suggested Level: 5 

Jump over the fence and steal from the woman directly ahead. Move over to the nearby courtyard and steal from the gentleman when the police officer moves away. Next, steal from the gentleman in the park while continuing to stay away from the police. Head east to find the hypnotist in one of the backyards. Speak with him and unfortunately, you get hypnotized one more time. 

Your next task is to locate and kidnap the hypnotist. When you reach your destination, grapple up to the roof. You cannot let the hypnotist see you or you won’t be able to kidnap him. Drop down behind him or use a smoke bomb to make this an easier task. 

Once you’ve kidnapped the hypnotist, move through the nearby house while avoiding the guards inside. Put the hypnotist in the carriage in front of the house, then drive to Scotland Yard, take him out of the carriage and escort him up to a cell to complete the memory. 

50 Berkeley Square

  • Suggested Level: 4 

Follow Dickens as he leaves the pub, then drive the carriage to the next waypoint, which is the haunted house. You are tasked with finding two clues within the house. The first is the piano on the second floor, and the other is the crib on the third floor. Examine both objects, then follow the girl down the stairs to the second floor and examine the piano. 

When a boy appears, chase him out of the house, then tackle one of the boys who appears when you get outside. Speak with Dickens, then activate Eagle Vision and use the key to unlock the hidden passage below the painting near Dickens. Continue up the stairs and through the hidden door, then pull both levers that control the piano and crib, and open another hidden path.

Quickly run into the newly discovered room and kill the man inside. Leave the house and speak with Dickens again to complete the memory. 

Dead Letters

  • Suggested Level: 4 

You are now tasked with finding four clues in the junkyard. Examine the dead letters on the ground near Dickens, the dilapidated carriage and nearby mattress and the love letter near the carts. At this point you must catch up to and hijack a carriage that races past the junkyard. If you wish to earn bonus rewards, complete this task in under two minutes.

Drive the newly hijacked carriage to the next waypoint to find several enemy carriages waiting for you. Take them down with gunfire or by ramming into them, then drive to the next waypoint, Elizabeth’s home. Head inside the house to complete the memory. 

The Terror of London

  • Suggested Level: 5 

Follow Dickens once again, then attempt to attack Jack when you spot him. Follow Jack to the roof. At this point, you cannot touch the ground in order to complete the optional objective. You need to chase Jack, but don’t concern yourself with catching up to him. He stops after a short chase. Just make sure you don’t fall too far behind and avoid his gun shots.

When you can finally attack Jack, inflict as much damage as possible, but don’t worry about trying to tackle him. After he escapes again, head to the next rooftop and grapple to the signal truss, avoiding the tracks below. Once the train passes, drop down to the tracks and engage Jack again. The tracks do not count as being on the ground, so you can still complete the optional objective. However, when he disappears again and heads down to the ground, do not follow him or you will fail the optional objective. 

Use the Rope Launcher to reach the rooftop north of the tracks and follow Jack along the rooftops, avoiding the ground. Once you reach the train station, head to the roof and continue to follow Jack. Tackle him as soon as you can, then engage in a battle against three Jacks to complete the mission.

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