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GTA 5 Online: Rockstar Verified Races Drift King Tips

by Bryan Dawson

Race Info

Number of Players:  1-8
Rank Required: 1
Type: Land Race
Vehicles: Multiple Classes
Area: Terminal
Distance: 1.07 miles
Terrain: Street

The Drift King race only really lives up to its name if you’re driving in a vehicle that excels at drifting. If not, you end up spinning out and fishtailing if you attempt to drift. However, what does live up to the name are the various corner that are littered throughout the course. The race takes place in the terminal area of San Andreas, and you’ll be ducking and dodging around shipping containers as you make your way to the finish line.

Unless you’re running with a high traction or low speed vehicle, you can’t go into any of the corners in Drift King at full speed. Depending on the type of vehicle you’re driving, you may need to either let off the gas, or tap the brake as you’re heading into each corner. Some are sharper than others, and there are a few back to back corners, but overall you’ll need to slow down a bit to make it through this course.

The first two corners are fairly straightforward. However, when you hit the third corner, it’s a little tighter than the first two, with obstacles on either side of the course that will drastically slow you down if you collide with them. Take it slow, then cut the corner of the next turn as you make your way to turn number six.

This is another deadly turn because if you head into it too fast, you’ll hit the trailers to the left. Brake or let off the accelerator as you make your way through the turn, then cut the next four corners. At this point you’ll see a jump ramp to the right. The faster the acceleration of your vehicle, the more time you’ll gain by not taking the jump. If your vehicle doesn’t have a high top speed or acceleration, taking the jump won’t impact your time much.

The remainder of the course if very straightforward. You can cut every corner to shave a few seconds off your overall time. This is a short course, so those seconds will matter against good competition.

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