Where is Weazel Plaza in GTA V? – Weazel Plaza Location Guide

A very specific skyscraper.

GTA V Weazel Plaza
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The southern city of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online can be a massive place between the skyscrapers, industrial areas, and neighborhoods. The sprawling area features many locales and can be hard to find individual landmarks, such as the Weazel Plaza.

Weazel Plaza Location in GTA V

The Weazel Plaza can be found on the western side of Los Santos in the city south of the map. While the building is a skyscraper, it is located outside of the Downtown area where most of the skyscrapers in the city are.

You can check the map above for the exact location of Weazel Plaza, marked by a house icon in the center of each map. For street directions, Weazel Plaza is located at the intersection of Heritage Way and Movie Star Way in Rockford Hills. The skyscraper will have a Weazel Plaza sign outside near the front doors of the building.

Nothing happens with the location during the GTA V campaign, despite the Weazel corporation being a parody of the Fox Corporation news and media company. There is a Knife Flight challenge next to the building for players to optionally complete.

Weazel Plaza Activities in GTA Online

The location is home to three apartments that players can buy in GTA Online through the Dynasty 8 real estate website. They all are priced reasonably with each other, have the same room layout, and offer a garage that can store 10 vehicles:

  • Apartment 26 – $304,000
  • Apartment 70 – $319,000
  • Apartment 101 – $335,000

The building is also host to the Weazel Plaza Shootout random event that takes place at the end of the year during the holidays. The event is modeled after the 1988 action movie Die Hard, and the rewards are the WM 29 Pistol, RP, and cash.

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