GTA V: How to Invest in Assassination Missions

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GTA V Franklin Sniper Rifle Assassination Missions
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The world of Grand Theft Auto V is filled with all manner of activities, from street races to bank heists to assassination missions that require an upfront investment to maximize profit. It’s the latter that proves most fascinating. You’ll work with Lester again, investing in the stock market and gaming the system to increase your returns. Here’s how to invest in Assassination Missions in GTA V.

Investing in Assassination Missions in GTA V

The series of Assassination Missions in GTA V involves Franklin and Lester gaming the stock market to make huge profits by assassinating their target and influencing stock prices. There are a few different missions available:

  • The Hotel Assassination
  • The Multi-Target Assassination
  • The Vice Assassination
  • The Bus Assassination
  • The Construction Assassination

When you take out the intended target of one corporation, another takes its place as the market leader. If you play the stock market beforehand, investing in the potentially rising star corporation, you can make millions or even billions of dollars. The hard cap in GTA V is two billion dollars, and it’s possible to hit that mark with these missions.

Accessing the Market

GTA V LCN Stock Marketing Listings
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First, you must access the stock market via your cellphone or laptop in-game. You’re after the LCN Exchange, where market listings rise and fall every in-game hour.

Here, you can view how a particular stock reacts to the market, with the highest value and current value listed. Then, you can also view how many stocks you own. But like the real world, you need to invest plenty of money to make any money. Buying one or two stocks won’t move the line much!

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Picking the Right Stocks in the Assassination Missions

GTA V Lester Crest Assassination Missions
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Once Lester contacts Franklin, shortly after Trevor moves to the city, he’ll offer a series of Assassination Missions to earn additional money on the side of the upcoming bank heists.

It’s wise to game the system further by swapping between Franklin, Michael, and Trevor and then investing as much money as possible into the appropriate corporations. Then, all three characters will score big on payday.

Hotel Assassination

The first mission, the Hotel Assassination, is part of the main story. You must complete this mission to progress, but you can skip playing the stock market if your end goal is to finish the campaign quickly.

For those who wish to make millions, however, have all of your characters invest in Betta Pharmaceuticals (BET) on BAWSAQ after the end of the mission. The stock will rise, and it can take tens of minutes for it to hit its peak. Once the stock hits approximately 50% return, sell everything!

The Multi-Target Assassination

To complete the Multi-Target Assassination mission, you must take out three targets. Once that’s done, buy Redwood (RED) stocks, then wait the same approximate amount of time as the Hotel Assassination. Once again, at around 50% return, sell it all.

The Vice Assassination

After taking out the target for the Vice Assassination mission, hit up BAWSAQ to buy Facade (FAC). For this one, the return percentage will hit approximately 40%; then, if you want to sell everything and hit it big.

The Bus Assassination

Like all previous missions, take out your target. Then, invest in Vapid (VAP) stocks on BAWSAQ. Here, the return percentage will hit a staggering 100%. That’s when you want to sell!

The Construction Assassination

Lastly, we have the Construction Assassination. But unlike the other targets, you want to buy GoldCoast (GCD) stocks before tackling the mission. Once you’re done, wait for the stocks to rise to an 80% return percentage, then sell everything!

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