GTA Online Casino Heist Fingerprint Cheat Sheet

Memorize the Fingerprint Hack solutions with this cheat sheet.

Grand Theft Auto Online is famous for its Contract Missions and Heists that you can play with your friends. These heists require you to come prepared before you can start robbing up the place. One such heist is the Diamond Casino and Resort Heist, where you have to break into the Casino’s vault and loot the cash. But there are hurdles that you must face first, such as the Fingerprint Scanner. This takes a lot of time and can slow down the process.

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How To Solve The Casino Heist Fingerprint Hack in GTA Online

Image via u/Rubensei Reddit

You can easily solve the Fingerprint prompts by memorizing the above Cheat Sheet, provided by Reddit user u/Rubensei. It contains the correct choices for each prompt to solve the Fingerprint Hack quickly. However, these patterns are randomized for every turn, so double-check before choosing the correct option.

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The moment you enter the vault after breaking in, a three minutes and 25 second timer starts, which is the total amount of time you have to loot the vault before the failsafe alarm hits and the guards are alerted. To get the most amount of loot within the given time, you need to be quick with solving the Fingerprint Hack to unlock access to each area with the loot.

Now that you have made a bank by looting the vault, why not spend it on some of the fastest planes in GTA 5? Or buy a new Garage where you can store your favorite vehicles?

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