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Battlefield 4 Sniper Rifle Battle Pick Up Tips

by Prima Games Staff

The Automatic Sniper Rifle Battle Pick up is the most powerful sniper rifle in the game. It is able to kill an enemy in just one shot no matter where you shoot them. With that said aim for the middle body and chest area on the enemy to have a wider range to aim at and better chance of hitting your enemy.

When using this weapon you normally do not want to be the player leading the charge. You’ll want to hang back and give cover fire to your team and try to find a vantage point where you can overlook an area. At a higher position you’ll be able to cover your team and help them from a distance. Be sure to move around though because once you have killed a few enemies they will be sure to come back for revenge. Use objects around the map to cover yourself which will make it harder for the enemy to shoot you. The Sniper Rifle Battle Pick up does not spawn on every map so you’ll need to become familiar with each map and which maps it spawns on.

Check out the video below to see this weapon in some serious action along with some great vantage points to hold!

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