Infantry Classes Assault

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Infantry Classes Assault

Primary Weapon





M67 Frag

Gadget 1

First Aid Pack

Gadget 2

M320 HE



Strengths: Well-rounded kit; heal/revive teammates

Weaknesses: Weak anti-vehicle capability

When you’re not sure which class to choose, you can’t go wrong with assault. The assault rifles associated with this kit are excellent at any range, with great damage output and impressive rates of fire. Each assault rifle can also be equipped with an underslung M320 40mm grenade launcher, great for blasting infantry, light-skinned vehicles, and even structures—keep playing as the assault class to unlock new types of ammo for your M320. The M26 MASS shotgun is another weapon unique to the assault class, capable of firing a variety of devastating rounds, including slugs. Beyond its impressive offensive capabilities, the assault class is responsible for healing injured teammates with their First Aid Pack and reviving downed teammates with the Defibrillator. The Defibrillator isn’t immediately available, so keep playing as the assault class to unlock it—it’s the first item unlocked and can make a world of difference during close matches. Keep playing as assault to unlock the familiar Medic Bag for greater healing efficiency.

Unlock Progression









Offensive Field Upgrade



M320 SMK






Combat Medic Field Upgrade






M26 Slug



Medic Bag



M26 Frag



M320 FB



Grenadier Field Upgrade



M320 LVG



First Aid Pack

  • Unlock: Assault Kit Start
  • Description: Single-use Medic Pack that slowly heals a single soldier to full health.
Field Notes

The familiar Medic Bag doesn’t unlock until later. For beginning assault soldiers, the First Aid Pack is the only option available when it comes to healing themselves and teammates. When tossed on the ground, any injured soldier can pick up a First Aid Pack by simply walking over it. Once retrieved from the ground, the First Aid Pack immediately begins healing, eventually restoring the soldier to full health. Since the First Aid Pack is picked up, the injured soldier can continue moving about the battlefield while continually gaining health. By contrast, soldiers gathered around a Medic Bag must remain stationary until they reach full health. So if you’re on the move, the First Aid Pack has its benefits. It can also be tossed greater distances, ideal for dispensing medical supplies to distant teammates if you are pinned behind cover.

M320 Grenade Launcher

  • Unlock: Assault Kit Start
  • Description: The M320 grenade launcher allows a large variety of ammunition to be used with the weapon, including fragmentation, flechette, and smoke rounds.
M320 Ammo
M320 HE

High Explosive 40mm grenade with a small blast radius for engaging grouped infantry and light vehicles. Assault Kit Start
M320 SMK

A 40mm grenade that creates a blinding cloud of white smoke on impact, which also blocks spotting. 44,000 Assault Score

Flechettes packed in a 40mm cartridge that effectively transforms the launcher into a shotgun. 77,000 Assault Score
M320 FB

Flashbang 40mm grenade with a suppressive flash to temporarily blind enemies in close quarters. 122,000 Assault Score
M320 LVG

A 40mm grenade that bounces before exploding on a timer. 140,000 Assault Score
Field Notes

The M320 grenade launcher fires 40mm rounds and can be carried as a separate gadget or attached on an assault rifle’s Underslung Rail. In any case, the weapon is deployed in a similar fashion, utilizing a series of horizontal notches visible on the ironsights—or horizontal lines superimposed on the HUD when firing from the Underslung Rail. These horizontal marks help determine barrel elevation prior to firing. Unlike traditional firearms, the M320 is an indirect fire weapon, meaning rounds are lobbed toward distant targets, flying an arc-like trajectory—aim high to hit distant targets. As a result, the weapon isn’t very accurate beyond 100 meters. However, with practice, the M320 is a very formidable weapons platform capable of firing a variety of ammo, allowing for greater tactical flexibility. HE (High Explosive) is the first ammo type available. But as your assault score increases, you’ll unlock more ammo types including smoke, flechettes, Flashbangs, and bouncy LVG rounds. Smoke rounds are particularly useful for concealment when cover is sparse and your squad must advance over open terrain. Use the flechette-filled DART rounds to engage opponents behind light cover. The FB (Flashbang) rounds come in handy prior to storming a room filled with opponents, temporarily blinding them. Or use the LVG rounds to bounce timed, explosive rounds around corners or through windows.


  • Unlock: 11,000 Assault Score
  • Description: Automated External Defibrillator (AED) revives downed teammates and electrocutes enemies. Charging the paddles will revive teammates with increased health. Needs to recharge after multiple quick uses.
Field Notes

The Defibrillator has undergone some changes since Battlefield 3. For one, you only have a maximum of three charges available at any given time, requiring you to think carefully before each use. Using one quick charge on a downed teammate will revive them, but with only 20% health. Hold down the trigger to give the Defibrillator full power before deploying, to revive a teammate with 100% health—a full charge is also necessary to score a kill with the Defibrillator. Once all three charges have been expended, the Defibrillator must recharge before it can be used again—charges are replenished one at a time over the course of a few seconds. So instead of carrying around a dead Defibrillator, switch back to your weapon and get back to the fight. After approximately 15 seconds, your Defibrillator is ready for use, loaded with three fresh charges, allowing you to revive teammates or zap unsuspecting enemy troops. Defibrillator kills are still as satisfying (and hilarious) as they’ve always been.


  • Unlock: 22,000 Assault Score
  • Description: Compact shotgun capable of being mounted below the barrel of select assault rifles. Loaded with standard buckshot with high damage but no penetration. The M26 can also accept different ammo types including flechette, slug, and frag rounds.

M26 Ammo


Loaded with flechette rounds that reduce damage but increase range and penetration. 55,000 Assault Score
M26 Slug

Loaded with metallic slugs for increased efficiency at longer ranges. 89,000 Assault Score
M26 Frag

Loaded with explosive frag ammunition for increased suppressing power. 111,000 Assault Score
Field Notes

When it comes to close-quarter engagements, the M26 Modular Accessory Shotgun System (MASS) is an excellent backup to any assault rifle. Designed as a lightweight alternative to larger, more cumbersome breaching shotguns, the 12-gauge M26 can be fitted beneath most assault rifles, attached on an Underslung Rail. This unique shotgun is fed from a five-round box magazine and must be manually loaded after each shot by operating the oversized bolt handle on the shooter’s left side. As a result, the rate of fire is quite slow, particularly when compared with standard pump and semi-auto shotguns. But the weapon doesn’t disappoint at close range, whether loaded with standard buckshot, flechette rounds, slugs, or frag rounds—new rounds are unlocked as your assault score increases. The DART ammo contains several metal flechettes, ideal for ripping through light cover, like wood. Slug rounds significantly increase the weapon’s effective range, and hit hard. Frag rounds are great for suppressing enemies and blowing away solid cover, but don’t expect to do too much damage to your opponents. So consider equipping the M26 whenever you need a little extra firepower. But remember, this weapon occupies a gadget slot, limiting your revive and healing capabilities.

Medic Bag

  • Unlock: 100,000 Assault Score
  • Description: Stationary persistent Medic Bag. Soldiers nearby will slowly heal to full health, even in combat.

Medic Bags function similar to the support kit’s Ammo Box, only they replenish health instead of ammo. Simply drop these on the ground near wounded teammates to heal them. The longer you (or an injured teammate) stand next to a Medic Bag, the more health they’ll receive. The Medic Bag has a small healing radius, requiring players to stand very close to it. Healing team and squadmates earns you a healing bonus. Critically injured teammates have a white cross icon flashing above their head—the same icon appears on the minimap. These icons are only visible to friendly assault players so look for them to locate and heal teammates before they die. All players (including enemies) have a life meter below their name, allowing you to see exactly how much health they have. So even if a teammate isn’t critical, offer them a Medic Bag to fully replenish their health. Unlike the First Aid Pack, the Medic Bag can heal multiple teammates at once, making it far more effective when it comes to scoring Heal points. However, players must stay within the Medic Bag’s healing radius, potentially making them vulnerable if the Medic Bag is deployed in a dangerous location. So pay close attention to where you drop these—you don’t want teammates rushing out into incoming fire just to access your Medic Bag in the middle of a street.

Assault: Scoring Opportunities



Heal points are awarded for every 20% health healed on a friendly.
Squad Heal


Heal a squadmate.


Revive a teammate.
Squad Revive


Revive a squadmate.

Unique Field Upgrades

Combat Medic


Medkit Upgrade Increases maximum deployed Medic Bags and First Aid Packs by 1.


Sprint Increases maximum Sprint Speed by 10%.


Defib Upgrade Increases charge up speed of the Defibrillator by 100%.


Medical Unit Occupied vehicles will slowly heal nearby soldiers.


Grenades Increases maximum inventory of hand grenades by 1.


Sprint Increases maximum Sprint Speed by 10%.


40mm Grenades Increases maximum inventory of 40mm grenades by 3.


Flak Decreases damage from explosions by 15%.

Assault Tactics

  • The assault class is ideal for beginners. If you’re new to the game, join a squad as assault and assist your squadmates by tossing out First Aid Packs and performing revives with the Defibrillator. Even if you never fire a shot, simply keeping your squad alive and healthy will make a difference. Once it’s available, choose the Combat Medic Field Upgrade path to increase the efficiency of your Defibrillator, First Aid Packs, and Medic Bags.
  • Always drop Medic Bags behind cover, where teammates can heal without coming under direct enemy fire. First Aid Packs have the added benefit of allowing teammates to heal while on the move.
  • Most of the kit’s assault rifles are fully automatic. But go easy on the trigger when firing automatically, as the rifle’s recoil can pull your aim skyward. Instead, tap the trigger, firing in short bursts, to keep the weapon on target. Many of the assault rifles have single-shot and burst fire modes you can select if recoil becomes a problem.
  • Pestered by an enemy firing from a window? Using the M320, launch a grenade just below the window to take out the entire wall and the shooter standing behind it. The Grenadier Field Upgrade path is recommended when equipping the M320. The 40mm Grenades upgrade within this path increases the number of M320 grenades you can carry by three.
  • Grenades cause very little damage to heavy vehicles like tanks and IFVs. Don’t bother attacking these vehicles unless you see fire and smoke pouring out, indicating heavy damage. If you do attack a heavy vehicle, always strive to hit their weak rear or top armor to maximize damage.
  • Once you unlock the M320’s smoke ammo, use it to cover your squad’s advances or obscure defensive positions. Smoke causes no damage, but it can greatly increase the survivability of your teammates by hindering the enemy’s vision—if they can’t see you, they’ll have a hard time hitting you.
  • When selecting the M26 MASS, attach the Underslung Rail to your assault rifle to mount the compact shotgun beneath. This allows you to quickly switch between your assault rifle and M26 MASS, ideal when transitioning between open and close-quarter environments. The M26 DART and M26 Frag rounds are particularly effective when going door to door and clearing rooms.
  • Assault troops can earn a ton of points by simply healing and reviving teammates. Drop Medic Bags near injured teammates to earn Heal and Squad Heal points. Also, keep an eye open for downed teammates lying on the ground. Zap them with the Defibrillator to score Revive and Squad Revive points. Healing and reviving can be a full-time job, particularly when defending on Rush maps.
  • Revived teammates don’t have to respawn, and thus don’t use up the team’s precious tickets. Conserving tickets in this manner can give your team a huge advantage in tightly contested Conquest matches, so keep those shock paddles buzzing. As veterans know, the Defibrillator can also be used to kill opponents with consistently hilarious results. But the Defibrillator must be fully charged to deliver a lethal zap.
  • Did an assault teammate just die in front of you? You can save him, even if you’re not playing as the assault class. Grab his kit, then equip the Defibrillator to revive your teammate before his body disappears. Any kit can be grabbed off a dead enemy or teammate. This is a good way to test weapons and equipment you haven’t unlocked yet.

Pro Tip: StrongSide

When playing as the assault class my main mission is to keep my team alive. I like to run near my squad and if the opportunity is open I’ll be right there to use the Defibrillator to keep our tickets higher than the other team. I’m also constantly throwing down Medic Bags whenever I see my teammates need health.

Pro Tip: Flamesword

Staying true to its class name, a great assault player engages in constant firefights while putting pressure on the opposing team. When I am playing with this class, I like to combine the M320 FB with Smoke Grenades. I like throwing Smoke Grenades in closed-off areas followed by a round from the M320 FB to blind the opponents, allowing my squad to move in and clear out the area.

Pro Tip: Elumnite

When playing as the assault class I drop Medic Bags and use the Defibrillator to bring teammates back onto the battlefield. I like to be the game changer and equip a M320 HE to blow holes in the sides of buildings, creating more opportunities for my team to flank.

Pro Tip: Walshy

When playing assault, I know I am going to be on the front line of combat so I always prepare accordingly by having a mid/close-range weapon. My favorite gadget is the First Aid Pack because it allows you to heal up the fastest and get back in the fight right away.