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How to Find the Megalodon on Paracel Storm in Battlefield 4

by Prima Games Staff

Soon after the release of Battlefield 4, gamers got it in their heads that there was a Megalodon somewhere on the Paracel Storm map. Many brave souls went searching for this secret, but it wasn’t long until the game files confirmed there was nothing to be found. It turns out there is a pretty cool Easter egg on the Rogue Transmission map, but it’s not something found in the water.

The hype was too much to ignore, however, and a few months later the search was back on for Megalodon. This time gamers began scouring the waters of Nansha Strike. No, the shark wasn’t there since the game’s launch, but rather added in by the developers as a gift for all those who showed so much passion looking for the giant prehistoric shark on Paracel Storm. It wasn’t long until it was found, and it was a glorious as anyone could have imagined.

After a few weeks of excitement, along with some time spent swimming around the buoys on Nansha Strike, business returned to normal and Battlefield 4 players went back to trolling each other with C4. There were a few more Easter eggs to be found once more of the DLC came out, including a radio that played the Battlefield 1942 theme if you were wearing the correct dog tags in the game.

When Battlefield Hardline released in March of 2015, the Battlefield 4 developers kept grinding away, fixing and polishing a game that went through an admittedly rocky launch. Much of this was done through the Community Test Environment (CTE), a PC community that worked with developers to tweak nearly every aspect of the game in order to provide a better experience. It also appears to have brought something else to the title, something that’s not really related to balancing the game.

As you can see in the video by JackFrags at the bottom of this article, there is a new Megalodon in town. At this time we’re not really sure how you trigger it, but the YouTube King of Battlefield Easter eggs assured us that he’ll provide an explanation soon. When that happens we’ll update you, but for now you’ll have to settle for being a spectator.

In the video you can see that whatever happens takes place near the wrecked aircraft carrier on Paracel Storm. There’s a giant beam of light pointing to the ship’s deck and often into the water. We have no clue if shooting at this UFO is part of how you trigger the event, but it looks like they’re having fun in the video, so why not?

After a short amount of time something shoots into the water (which is our cue to get out of the pool, quite frankly), and moments later Megalodon emerges from the ocean and jumps over the aircraft carrier. It’s not the first Megalodon in the game, and it may not go down as one of the greatest Easter eggs in Battlefield history, but it’s pretty freaking cool.

Update: Between the time we wrote this and posted it, JackFrags released a video explaining how you can find the Megalodon on Paracel Storm. You can watch that video below for full instructions.