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How to Unlock the Phantom Bow in Battlefield 4

by Prima Games Staff

The Phantom Program, a series of assignments and secrets that inspired thousands of gamers to scour the maps of Battlefield 4 in search of information and Easter eggs, has finally been solved once and for all. Well…kind of. There’s apparently a door hidden in a room, and you can’t open it yet but perhaps you can later. More on that another time.

Today, we’re going to give you the step-by-step instructions you need to unlock the Phantom Operative assignment, as well as the Phantom Bow, possibly the coolest weapon in the game, although nowhere near the most effective. Usefulness aside, here’s how you can put it in your hands.

Complete All Previous Phantom Assignments

The first step to unlocking the Phantom Operative assignment, the fourth one in the series, is to fully complete all three of the prerequisites. It’s not a small task, but if you’ve been working on these from the time of their release you should be done already. In case you aren’t, however, check out the instructions below for each one.

Find One or More of the Final Stand Dog Tags

This one might be the most tedious step in the process, requiring players to scour the four maps that were released with the Final Stand DLC for hidden dog tags. To complete this, jump into Hanger 21, Operation Whiteout, Hammerhead or Giants of Karelia and start crawling around. When you find one of the dog tags, you’re one step closer to the Phantom Bow, but you might want to keep looking and snag all four of them.

As ChalkOne explains in the video below, in order to survive the elevator ride you’re about to take, you must step onboard with three other people, and each of you need to have a different dog tag from one of the four Final Stand Maps. Check out the video for further details.

Wear the Dog Tags, Weapon and Soldier Camouflage

Now that you’ve completed all of your previous Phantom assignments, as well as found one of the dog tags from the Final Stand maps, you need to gear up in a specific way to survive the ride. For starters, your right dog tag needs to be the Phantom Prospect, the one that is unlocked by completing the first assignment. Your left dog tag on the other hand must be one of the four from the Final Stand maps, and it cannot be the same as any of your fellow elevator passengers. Four people, four different dog tags.

As for the weapon and soldier camouflage, this must be set to the Phantom camouflage that was unlocked by completing the Phantom Trainee and Phantom Initiate assignments.

Step onto the Elevator on Hanger 21

Hanger 21 features an elevator that players can board and take a ride on. It’s located near the A Flag, and the button to activate it will only go live when four people step on board. Additionally, the players in the elevator will only survive the trip if they meet all of the requirements above. One small oversight and you’ll die before you reach the bottom.

Input the Code into the Keypad

Now that you’ve gotten this far, you’ll need to input the correct code in order to deactivate the physical barrier. Luckily for you, many people spent many hours cracking this code, and all you need to do is type it in as you see it below.

Phantom Keypad Code: 1290-429-397648-970

How to Unlock the Phantom Operative Assignment

The real kicker in all of this is that you haven’t actually unlocked the Phantom Operative assignment yet. You should have the Phantom Bow, but before you leave the room you’ll want to look for a shelf, then climb on top to find some papers. Interacting with these papers will finally unlock the Phantom Operative assignment, and all there is left to do after that is kill a whole lot of people with your shiny new (and hopefully effective) weapon.

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