Wrack & Ruin Diablo 4 Quest Guide – Yngovani Location

Don't get lost in the swamp.

Wrack & Ruin Diablo 4
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In Act V of the Diablo 4 campaign, Wrack & Ruin brings players to the Blightmarsh in Hawezar and there is plenty of searching required to complete the quest. Not only will you need to find Yngovani, but there is a right and left eye crystal that you need to enter. I have all the details for you in this quest guide.

Where to Find the Town Yngovani in Diablo 4

The Town of Yngovani can be found at the center of the Blightmarsh in Hawezar. There is a massive area to search within the yellow circle on the map once your party is informed of the town. However, there is an easy way to see where the location is hidden. Look at the map and pinpoint what looks like a vague cross surrounded by water in the marsh.

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This area is exactly where you need to go for Wrack & Ruin, and it’s almost directly in the center of the Blightmarsh, so it is hard to miss. When you arrive at the town, move past all the bodies and look for the giant snake temple door. Once all these steps are completed, it’s time to get the eyes.

Where to Find the Left Eye in Diablo 4 Wrack & Ruin

You can find the Left Eye in the northern section of the Blightmarsh in Hawezar. When you reach the northern part of the region, look for cultist bodies covered in poison. Flip each body you see until one of them has the Left Eye. There won’t be a prompt in Diablo 4 for the eye unless the correct body is flipped, so it’s important to search everywhere.

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The Right Eye is found in the southeastern part of the Blightmarsh and is a bit easier to spot. I knew I was in the right place as soon as I saw an altar with more cultist bodies and a horde of snakes. After all the danger is cleared, walk up to the Altar and flip the bodies. You will see the Right Eye and now you have both keys ready to be used.

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With both the Left Eye and the Right Eye, you can open the temple door and continue the Wrack & Ruin quest. Bring the eyes back to the snake door and place each one of them in their sockets. The camera will pan out and the door will finally open. As long as you aren’t afraid of serpents, the frustrating parts are over.

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