WoW SoD: How to Start & Complete Stolen Power Quest in Classic Season of Discovery (Orc Warlock)

Reclaiming power.

Screenshot of Nartok in WoW SoD.
Screenshot by Prima Games

You can access your first Rune very soon into your Orc Warlock adventure in World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discover. Here’s how to start and complete the Stolen Power quest and get the Rune of Haunting in WoW SoD.

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PSA: There is a separate Stolen Power quest for Human Warlocks – this guide is for Orc Warlocks.

You can find the Stolen Power quest for Human Warlocks in WoW SoD by clicking here.

How to Start Orc Warlock Stolen Power Quest in WoW SoD

Before you can begin the Stolen Power quest in WoW SoD, you need to complete the Tainted Letter quest that’s given to you by Gornek, who is standing just inside The Den door in Durotar (map coordinates 42, 68). The quest involves delivering the letter to Nartok, the Warlock Trainer, who you’ll find inside The Den, tucked away in a corner to the left at map coordinates 41, 68. Speak to him to complete the Tainted Letter quest.

Stolen Power should now be available, so talk to Nartok again and pick it up. Burning Blade familiars have stolen the Rune of Haunting, and Nartok wants you to retrieve it for him from their coven.


You’ll need to download an add-on if you plan on following coordinates in WoW Classic, as they’re not a part of the map by default. I use MapCoords by JimBim89 on Curseforge.

How to Complete Stolen Power Quest in WoW SoD

You’ll find the Burning Blades Coven in the Valley of Trials, in a cave in the north at map coordinates 45, 56, which you can see in my screenshots below:

To locate the Rune of Haunting, head inside and follow the stream of water around to the west, defeating Vile Familiars and Felstalkers along the way.

Eventually, you’ll drop off to a large pool of water at map coordinates 43, 54. Look down, and you’ll see a chest on the bottom of the pool. You’ll need to dive down to get it, which is done by holding the right mouse button and moving around with WASD or the arrow keys. Open the chest, and you’ll receive the Rune of Haunting. Right-click on it in your Backpack to learn the rune’s Engraving ability.

After you’ve learned Haunt, open up the Character menu (press the C key) and click on Haunt under the Runes menu. Once selected, click on your gloves to engrave them with the Haunt ability, which costs 12 Mana to cast and has a 30-yard range and a 12-second cooldown.

This is what Haunt does, according to the in-game description:

“Unleash a ghostly soul on an enemy, dealing 22 to 26 damage, and increasing all Shadow damage over time you deal to that target by 20%. When the Haunt ends or is dispelled, you will be healed for all the damage it dealt to your target.”

If you don’t have gloves, you can get them as a random drop from enemy mobs or purchase the Tattered Cloth Gloves for 25 Copper from Huklah inside The Den. Huklah is standing opposite Nartok at map coordinates 41, 68.

Return to Nartok in The Den to complete the Orc Warlock Stolen Power quest in WoW Classic Season of Discovery.

WoW SoD: Stolen Power Quest Rewards

You’ll gain the following rewards from Nartok for completing the Stolen Power quest:

  • 85 XP.
  • Tattered Cloth Gloves.

The Tattered Cloth Gloves have 6 Armor and 14/14 Durability. If you just bought them from Huklah, the reward is rather pointless, but hey, at least you can sell them and recoup some money.

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