WoW SoD: How to Start & Complete Stolen Power Quest in Classic Season of Discovery (Human Warlock)

I got the power.

Screenshot of Drusilla La Salle in WoW SoD Season of Discovery.
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As a Human Warlock in World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery, the first Rune you’ll gain access to is the Rune of Haunting via the Stolen Power quest. Here’s how to start and complete Stolen Power in WoW SoD.

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PSA: There is a separate Stolen Power quest for Orc Warlocks – this guide is for Human Warlocks.

You can find the Stolen Power quest for Orc Warlocks in WoW SoD by clicking here.

How to Start Human Warlock Stolen Power Quest in WoW SoD

Before you can start the Stolen Power quest in WoW SoD, you must complete the Tainted Letter quest given to you by Marshal McBride, who is standing just inside the Northshire Abbey door.

Once you have accepted the quest, speak to an NPC Warlock Trainer named Drusilla La Salle, located in a small graveyard outside the Northshire Abbey’s right side at map coordinates 50, 43, and the Tainted Letter quest will complete. Easy!


Coordinates don’t automatically appear on the map in WoW Classic. You’ll need to download an add-on if you plan on following coordinates. I recommend MapCoords by JimBim89 on Curseforge.

Talk to Drusilla again, who should now have two quests for you: Stolen Power and The Stolen Tome. I’d highly recommend accepting both as they both require going to the same area.

How to Complete Stolen Power Quest in WoW Season of Discover

In Season of Discovery’s Stolen Power, Drusilla tasks you with retrieving the Rune of Haunting from a group of bandits known as the Defias Brotherhood, who are located by the Northshire Vineyards just across the river to the southeast of the Abbey at map coordinates 52, 49.


Before going over to the Northshire Vineyards, I recommend accepting the Brotherhood of Thieves quest from Deputy Willem outside of Northshire Abbey. It requires getting 12 Red Burlap Bandanas, which are dropped from the Defias Thugs at the Northshire Vineyards—two birds with one stone.

Once there, look for two wooden outhouses just south of the big vegetable patch at map coordinates 53, 52. A chest sits in the middle of the two outhouses; open it to receive the Rune of Haunting. Right-click on it in your inventory to learn the Haunt Engraving ability.

After learning Haunt, open up the Character menu (press the C key) and click on Runes in the top-right. Select Haunt, and then click on your gloves to engrave the spell into them. You can now use Haunt in combat, which costs 12 Mana to cast and has a 30-yard range and a 12-second cooldown.

Here’s what Haunt does, according to the in-game description:

“Unleash a ghostly soul on an enemy, dealing 22 to 26 damage, and increasing all Shadow damage over time you deal to that target by 20%. When the Haunt ends or is dispelled, you will be healed for all the damage it dealt to your target.”

If you don’t have gloves equipped, you can either get a pair from a mob drop or purchase Thin Cloth Gloves from Dermot Johns, a merchant stationed outside Northshire Abbey (map coordinates 48, 41).

WoW SoD: Stolen Power Quest Rewards

With your gloves engraved, return to Drusilla La Salle and hand in the Stolen Power quest. You’ll receive the following rewards:

  • 85 XP.
  • Tattered Cloth Gloves.

If you bought the Thin Cloth Gloves from Dermot Johns, the Tattered Cloth Gloves aren’t worth much as they both have 6 Armor and 14/14 Durability. But if you didn’t, they may be a nice upgrade to gloves dropped by mobs in the area.

How to Complete The Stolen Tome Quest in WoW SoD (Powers of the Void)

While you’re in the Northshire Vineyards, you can also complete the objective for The Stolen Tome quest, also given to you by Drusilla La Salle in WoW Season of Discovery. It requires taking back the Powers of the Void tome from the Defias Brotherhood after it was stolen by an Abbey defector.

Look for a white tent to the northwest of Northshire Vineyards at map coordinates 57, 44, as seen in my screenshot below. Defeat the Defias Thugs guarding it, then interact with the pile of Stolen Books sitting just to the right of the tent door to receive the Powers of the Void tome.

WoW SoD: The Stolen Tome Quest Rewards

Hand the Powers of the Void tome to Drusilla in the Northshire Abbey graveyard to get the following rewards in WoW SoD:

  • 360 XP.
  • Summon Imp spell.

The Summon Imp spell allows you to do just that: summon an imp. Once deployed, it fights for you in battle, giving you some extra DPS, which is incredibly useful for tougher fights. Drag Summon Imp into your hotbar from your Spellbook (press the P key) to use the spell, which costs 85 Mana and has a 10-second cast time.

Here’s what Summon Imp does, according to the in-game description:

“Summons an Imp under the command of a Warlock.”

Now that you know how to complete Stolen Power in Season of Discovery, find out what to do with Waylaid Supplies in WoW SoD, as you’ll no doubt pick some up on your Warlock journey.

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